Minimise risk

ValEx's LIXI-compliant services contains 21 automated system checks including peer reviews by compliance departments on valuations that don't pass critical system checks. You can also access audit checks on valuation firm file reviews and other risk related functions. 


ValEx offers 3 levels of usage and access so you can choose the solution that works best for your business.

ValEx Usage Levels

Sell more effectively

Proactively manage your workflow via ValEx to promote efficiency, plus order and access valuations up-front from a variety of bank/lender panels. 

Features include:

National coverage

  • Accounts (single billing) & workflow systems
  • Management analysis and reporting
  • Risk awareness indicators
  • Auto allocation
  • Manual override, including ability to override for construction allocations.
  • Duplicate detection including same borrower/same postcode allocation override
  • Kerb-side escalation (optional)
  • Valuer standing instructions plus an allowance for urgent jobs.
  • Pre-valuation status
  • Valuation re-assignment & job history status
  • 'Connect with Us'  function within ValEx for general and job specific enquiries. Download the Operational Guide.

Monitor results in real time

Track the valuation progress via live, automated email status updates so you're always in the loop. To track the process of your valuation, click here.

Be in the know

Run your own reports with the online reporting module. You can also access formal monthly reports such as valuation volumes, analysis by state and region, distribution allocations by each panel firm, valuation assessment types, turnaround times, compliance performance analysis of property values - and more, tailored to your requirements.

CoreLogic International Awarded ISO/IEC27001:2013 Certification.

We are delighted to announce that CoreLogic International was awarded ISO 27001 certification by BSI on 8th August 2018. The scope of the ISMS certification encompasses the valuation services eco-system for ValEx.


Our certification can be found on the BSI registry under certification number: IS 688867