Who should use this report?

The Top Performing Suburbs Reports are suitable for anyone looking to identify strongly performing capital growth suburbs. It is essential reading for investors, market followers, mortgage brokers, economic researchers, real estate agents, valuers or anyone wanting to better understand property market performance.

What do I receive?

Reports are available on a quarterly basis for at state/territory level. Each contains:

  • An overview of property market performance from the CoreLogic research team

For each suburb/town and property type:

  • Full colour location map
  • Locality description
  • Understanding of the suburb makeup in terms of proportion of different property types
  • Median value
  • Historical capital growth over the past 12 months, 3 years, 5 years
  • Number of for sale listings over the last month
  • Number of sales over the last 12 months
  • Days on market, vendor discounting
  • Market performance charts:
    • Annual change in median value
    • Annual sales volume
    • Annual for sale listings
    • Median days on market
    • Median weekly asking rent
    • Gross rental yield
  • Population, income and demographic detail according to ABS Census Data

Reports Available

Top Performing Suburbs 

  • ACT: 19 suburbs in total (Units: 19)
  • NSW: 50 suburbs in total (Houses: 44, Units: 6; Metro: 30, Regional: 20)
  • QLD: 50 suburbs in total (Houses: 46, Units: 4; Metro: 28, Regional: 22)
  • SA: 50 suburbs in total (Houses: 48, Units: 2; Metro: 38, Regional: 12)
  • VIC: 50 suburbs in total (Houses: 44, Units: 6; Metro: 31, Regional: 19)
  • WA: 50 suburbs in total (Houses: 49, Units: 1; Metro: 35, Regional: 15)


National Top Performing Suburbs

  • 50 suburbs in total
    • NSW: 25 suburbs (Houses: 23, Units: 2; Metro: 14, Regional: 11)
    • QLD: 9 suburbs (Houses: 8, Units: 1; Metro: 5, Regional: 4)
    • SA: 1 suburb (Houses: 1; Metro: 1)
    • VIC: 3 suburbs (Houses: 2, Units: 1; Metro: 1, Regional: 2)
    • WA: 12 suburbs (Houses: 12; Metro: 4, Regional: 8)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Top Performing Suburbs reports created?

Every day, CoreLogic’s powerful algorithms value every property across Australia and determine a median value for each property – calculated on the latest market insights. CoreLogic starts with this quantitative research and analyses the median value performance of units and houses for every suburb and town over both the past quarter and the past 12 months. Results are ranked by 12 month growth. Additional information is supplied to help buyers and sellers better understand the suburb and the opportunity it offers, including longer term performance and demographics. The final result is a shortlist that investors could not replicate easily with individual research.

Why are you no longer creating the Residex Predictions Reports?

CoreLogic is currently investing in rebuilding the old Residex prediction analytic. The new model will make the most of new mathematical developments in forecasting and analytic algorithms, while also drawing upon CoreLogic’s millions of additional data points that were never available in the old Residex dataset. CoreLogic will relaunch the Prediction Reports in the near future using the new forecasting algorithm. The Top Performing Suburbs Reports provide the best available data and insights available to help property buyers and sellers research their markets and make confident property decisions.