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Cordell Estimator Platinum

Create reliable quotes faster


Take control of your project pipeline with our intuitive building cost estimator. Cordell Estimator Platinum helps to provide an accurate professional quote whenever new construction or renovation opportunities emerge.

With almost 50 years’ experience collecting and refining Australian building industry data, Cordell Estimator Platinum is the trusted data source for leading quantity surveyors, construction firms, suppliers and government agencies.

CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Reliable costing data updated daily

Cordell Estimator Platinum provides the most up-to-date costing data for commercial and residential building projects and insurance claims. Pitch for work knowing your quotes are sourced from detailed and continuously updated data sources.

Take control of your profit margin with up-to-date costing data for labour, material, plant, subcontract with rates and more.

Find estimates for almost any internal and external fixture, and see up-to-date costings for everything from a front door to a new kitchen – or an entire building project.

Use our recipe detail to show which items are behind unit rates, elements and models.

Adjust benchmark prices to address individual site specifications, unique location access issues and environmental factors like bushfire zones, coasts, cyclone-prone areas, location costs, historical cost guides and more.

Building costs and elements are provided in square metres for wet rooms, extensions, kitchens, granny flats, townhouses and more.

Our specialised construction research team uses advanced analytics to source thousands of item benchmarks from major suppliers.

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Automation and process improvement solutions

Cost prices automatically updated

Cordell Estimator Platinum tracks price fluctuations, so you don’t have to. With up-to-date data at your fingertips, you can avoid unnecessary complications into the quoting process that could lead to unreliable quotes or cost blowouts.

Boost business efficiency by reducing cost overruns, manage leakages and complete every project within budget.

Create your own branded templates using detailed cost summary reports to deliver client-friendly quotes that stand out from the rest.

With cloud-based estimating in Chrome, Safari or Firefox, all pricings are stored in one location so you can record quantities for easy access – when and where you need them.

Enjoy complimentary ongoing training and support, to help you get the most out of Cordell Estimator Platinum’s user-friendly interface.

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Risk management solutions

Reduce the risk of outdated pricings

Cordell Estimator Platinum updates cost pricing daily helping to ensure accurate estimates and avoid cost leakage, giving you more control over your profit margins.

Having better oversight over your margins can help you confidently provide fast, reliable estimates to prospective clients.

Keep an eye on costs at all stages of the project lifecycle, from planning through to completion, so you can streamline your processes to always stay on budget.

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Benchmarking, strategy and optimisation solutions

Make the best use of your time

Focus more time on business growth and less time producing quotes. See the status of your project at all stages and manage any cost leakages, with our easy-to-use allowances and variations. Detailed estimating based on specific sections of the work area helps to minimise the risk of any important items being missed.

Our benchmark cost estimates help keep your projects management on track, reducing wastage and giving you the flexibility to adjust profit margins as needed to secure your next job.

Use the built-in Project Scheduler to track each project’s status and budget, or adjust pricing data as needed for site-specific estimating.

Set budget allowances for items such as ovens, dishwashers, sinks and taps, to help manage customer expectations.

Easily search for pricing data, using elements and complete price rates with recipe detail.

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