While women have made extraordinary gains in terms of achieving equality with men, there is undeniably still a wealth gap between women and men. With residential real estate valued at $7.5 trillion in Australia and more than $1.3 trillion in New Zealand, CoreLogic has delved into our extensive property data universe to understand how this wealth is distributed.

Not surprisingly, in both countries we found higher rates of property ownership among men than women. 

Our Women and Property: State of Play report explores these statistics in detail, highlighting factors that contribute to the overall gender wealth gap. These factors include individual and joint ownership patterns, state and area profiles, and correlation with salary levels. 

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Women of Influence: Property & Banking

A group of inspiring women come together to  discuss the growing diversity that is occurring in a once male-dominated industry, and look at how influential female leaders in the property & banking sector are cultivating meaningful change for future generations.

Influential leaders on the podcast

  • Lisa Claes, Managing Director, CoreLogic International
  • Amelia Hodge, Chief Executive Officer, API
  • Marie Mortimer, Managing Director, Loans.com.au
  • Host, Milena Malev, General Manager of Financial Services and Insurance, CoreLogic Asia Pacific 

NZ Property Market Podcast: Successful Women Industry Leaders

Nick Goodall hosts a special edition of the NZ Property Market Podcast to celebrate International Women’s Day by speaking to three very successful and influential female leaders in the property and banking industry.

Influential leaders on the podcast

  • Simone Moors, Country Manager for CoreLogic New Zealand
  • Debbie Mills, Head of Mortgages for ASB
  • Viv Gurrey, Chief Executive Officer for the Property Institute of New Zealand

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Why is there a real estate ownership gap between men and women?

Eliza Owen, CoreLogic's Principal, Research has further examined our Women and Property: State of Play report and found some interesting insights. Men had exclusive ownership of 29.9% of the 4.8 million properties analysed, compared with 26.6% of properties owned by women.

Unfortunately, property ownership is not created equally. The reasons for the gap in rates of property ownership likely comes down to women having lower levels of income. Learn more about how pay parity in this sense is linked to wealth parity in Australia.

Closing the gender property gap: why do fewer women than men own homes?

CoreLogic research has revealed a disparity in property ownership rates between the sexes. The research suggests that women are less likely than men to own property, which can impact their overall financial wellbeing and their ability to afford a comfortable retirement. So what factors cause this gender property gap, and how can women prepare for a better financial future?

Studies repeatedly show that achieving financial wellbeing is one of the keys to female empowerment. As well as improving the lives of individual women, it also has wide-reaching benefits for society and the economy. Yet even in relatively wealthy countries like Australia and New Zealand, women still haven’t reached financial equality with men.

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