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CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information, analytics and property-related risk management services in Australia and New Zealand.

When it comes to decision making involving property, you can count on CoreLogic.

You get the complex data and analysis you need - in a format that’s simple, targeted, and easy to use.

Every day, we help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively and get better results.

Our customers include buyers, sellers, investors, finance and real estate professionals, and corporate and government bodies - including the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Our database has more than 4 billion property decision points which enable confident decision making. We combine our own proprietary data with diverse public information to provide accurate and up-to-date data and analytics.

We are 100% owned by the world's leading property-information group, CoreLogic.

Why CoreLogic?
Why CoreLogic?

A few reasons to choose CoreLogic:

We’ve got the market covered delivering the quality, timely, property data & analytics. We have a database of more than 4 billion decision points across Australia and New Zealand.

Comprehensive and timely data
The ability to turn mountains of data into valuable insights.  We collect and maintain a comprehensive and current property and mortgage database. We apply an exacting set of processes to allow for the highest standards of data quality, deployed on platforms that enable us to store, sort and analyse data quickly and deliver it to our clients in simple and easy to use formats.  

We are independent.
Our collection, analysis and research methods are audited regularly, and we are independent of any real estate, media or banking interests.

Our data and analytics. 
We electronically value most properties in Australia, and this information is used every week used by lenders and consumers. Our data help property professionals prepare properties for market and finance on a daily basis. Many Lenders take advantage of our insights for their lending programs, and consumers (who arguably are at the centre of the eco system) use our data to make the best decisions they can about one of their most valuable assets.   

We have the scale and experience that matters.
CoreLogic continues to grow with over 520 people employed in Australia and New Zealand. Over 20,000 customers and 150,000 end users in property, finance and government use CoreLogic services and platform more than 30,000 times a day.

We make it easy for you.
As well as providing a range of dynamic, web-based solutions, we also offer some of our products and services on mobile apps - so you can get the information you need, wherever you are. 

International Solutions
International Solutions

International Capabilities - Make the right property decisions wherever you are

No matter what country you're in, we can help reduce the guesswork in your property decisions. Our range of solutions provide meaningful insights into your data so you can take informed action and reduce risk, whether you're a professional in real estate, mortgage and finance, insurance, or whether you're an individual owner/investor.

We offer some of the world's most advanced analytics platforms and 50 years' experience in major property markets, all underpinned by regulatory compliance and full transparency. Our expertise can assist you with:

  • Securitised Collateral Risk
  • Residential and Commercial Valuation Panel Management
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Centralised National Property Information
  • Property Research, Insights and thought leadership
  • Real Estate Listings Portals
  • Property Portfolio Valuations
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM) solutions
  • Digital & Consumer Marketing utilising property & property transaction data

Learn more about our International Solutions and how we can work with you to help grow your business. Visit International Solutions here.

In the Community
In the Community

CoreLogic proudly supports:

Habitat for Humanity

CoreLogic is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, habitat web pic.PNGan
organisation who shares our vision for enabling financial security and independence by increasing access to housing.  Working in partnership with families, Habitat for Humanity and their 4000+ volunteers have provided safe homes to thousands in need all over the world. They have created healthier communities by providing access to clean water and sanitation, and have also helped to build resilient communities that can better withstand disasters. Habitat for Humanity also assists vulnerable Australians by giving them a hand up into home ownership. 

Homes of Hope
Earlier this year we were thrilled to participate in the Homes of Hope initiative, with many of our staff volunteering to help renovate housing for women facing homelessness around Australia. It was a wonderful way to mark International Women's Day and provide support for these women, many of whom have suffered domestic and/or family violence. 

Upcoming Events
We are excited to undertake our second build of the year in October this year in the historic town of Yea, Victoria. We look forward to helping construct a modified home for Tracey (a local resident) and her three children. The home will be specially designed to adequately accommodate for the needs of her son Joshua, who suffers from cerebral palsy. In partnering with Tracey and her children, we can help ease the burden of long term care on the family, and provide them with a space in which they can create new and wonderful memories. 


Ronald McDonald House Charity

We are thrilled to announce a new and exciting partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC). Founded in 1974 the charity aims to provide support to families of children who are seriously ill and require hospital care. With the help of Ronald Mcdonald House Charity, these families are provided with accommodation in RMHC homes on site, or in close proximity to major hospitals. These homes increase the accessibility of hospital services for families that would otherwise have to travel long distances to receive adequate care. They also provide a sanctuary from the clinical hospital environment, offer learning programs for kids who are missing school, and home cooked meals for exhausted parents and siblings. 

Our Involvement
At CoreLogic, we will be volunteering to be working bees at the homes, as well as helping cook meals for these families. This year, we will also be channeling the funds raised through our participation in the City2Surf to Ronald McDonald House Charity in order to provide them with financial support. In addition, we also look forward to participating in the Christmas Wishlist Program, providing food supplies for the RMHC homes and gifts for the children over the festive season. 

Extended Family
Extended Family

To deliver the best possible products, we partner with several leading businesses. These include:



Founded in 2005 and based in the UK, eTech is a leading mobile surveying and workflow management software providers for the property services industry, delivering a range of integrated operational business management platforms that efficiently streamline workflow and data exchange, while simultaneously mitigating risk.

eTech delivers both software development and client support functions from our offices in Solihull. We are committed to investment in both people and technology, which are at the heart of our business and continued growth.



Your home for property research.

onthehouse.com.au is the #4 online real estate search platform in Australia. It is different to other portals because it uses data and interactive tools to help buyers, sellers and investors understand their market with a range of suburb, investment and individual property insights at all stages of the home ownership lifecycle.

Agencies and agents can list all of their for sale and for rent residential properties for free on onthehouse.com.au so they reach an audience rich in homeowners researching to sell and landlords researching to invest.