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How the digital landscape is changing customer expectations around mortgages

Today’s borrowers are likely to want a fast, seamless mortgage experience – the same friction-free, data-driven journey they enjoy with online shopping or banking.

Embracing innovation may drive engagement, helping lenders stay relevant and retain hard-won customers.

Changing customer expectations in a digital landscape

The way forward

Deliver an end-to-end digital experience: A digital ecosystem may lower costs, and may keep customers engaged long after they have obtained a mortgage. [1]

Personalise: Simpler loan origination helps fuel repeat business. Targeted offers using real time data may build emotional connections.[1]

Enhance credit decisioning: Automation, AI and optimal use of external data sources, such as CoreLogic, help support faster, more accurate decisions.[1]

Data-driven digital processes help drive better outcomes

Rapidly evolving customer expectations mean lenders may need to be embrace innovative technology and digital solutions.

CoreLogic can help.

Our data and technology supports a digital, data-driven mortgage journey, helping give your customers faster turnaround times and a more personalised experience.

Learn more about CoreLogic’s digital mortgage solutions today.

[1] KPMG - The Evolving Mortgage Market 2020


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