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Proptech: helping bridge the gap

During our recent Customer Engagement webinar, we asked participants about the challenges facing real estate agents and the impact of digital innovations, or ‘proptech’.

‘Proptech’ was the catchword at our recent Customer Engagement webinar, hosted by Tim Dlugosz, RP Data Senior Product Manager, and Dirk Miller, Head of Real Estate Solutions at CoreLogic Asia Pacific. Proptech looks set to transform how property professionals go about their work.

Embracing digital innovation can streamline outdated systems and business processes, while delivering powerful insights for better engagement with customers. It can help to maintain a competitive edge, as well as improve productivity and efficiency. With these benefits, it’s unsurprising that proptech is already becoming an essential tool for selling, buying, leasing or managing property.

At the webinar, we asked participants about key challenges they face as real estate professionals and their thoughts on where proptech was likely to have the greatest impact on business performance. Here’s what they had to say.

Customer engagement innovations to have greatest impact

The majority of respondents, 78.6%, felt that digital innovations in the area of customer engagement would have the biggest impact on their business in the future.

The first step to better customer engagement is testing the customer experience yourself. For example, you can test the call to actions on your website to see these interactions from a customer’s perspective. Are you providing the level of customer experience you would expect as a customer?

Proptech can also provide insights on customer behaviour that can help you shape your business strategies, improve the customer experience and connect with more potential customers.

Our Customer Engagement Toolis designed to allow you to do just that by enabling you to see which properties your prospects are interested in, so you can tailor your conversations accordingly. As your customers enter their details, the tool collects their contact information and provides insights into consumer behaviour.

Sales and technological development prove challenging

Respondents felt that sales was most challenging area for their businesses. Given that generating and maintaining sales in fluctuating markets is the foundation of real estate businesses, it’s understandably a large area of focus.

Proptech has the ability to assist with the sales process, for example, by providing a single customer view. This can help your sales team provide more relevant information to clients, and give both the customer and property manager a clear look of where they are in the sales process.

Interestingly, technology development came through as the second biggest challenge for real estate businesses. This may indicate that, while many recognise the benefits that technology innovations can offer, some struggle to know which solutions are most appropriate for their needs.

Proptech solutions to enhance business

At CoreLogic, we’ve developed numerous digital tools based on our many years of experience collecting and analysing property market data. As we mentioned earlier, one of these is our Customer Engagement Tool, designed to help you better engage with potential new clients.

The Customer Engagement Tool helps to provide visibility of a customer’s initial property search journey through to sale or purchase. With the ability to be integrated into websites and CRMs, this tool enables you to give valuable property research information to clients in your branding. Use it to position yourself as the local market expert and take the opportunity to follow up and start new conversations.

Find out more

Interested? Contact your CoreLogic customer representative or email to find out how our Customer Engagement Tool can help enhance your engagement and sales processes.



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