Discover how customer engagement can help your business grow

Having an insider’s view into consumer behaviour can provide rich insights to help shape your business strategies and connect with more potential customers.

The Customer Engagement Tool allows you to do just that, by providing you with greater visibility of a customer’s initial property search through to sale or purchase. Fully integrated into your website and CRM, our property research tool can help you grow your leads by identifying early who might be ready to buy or sell.

The Customer Engagement Tool is designed to help:

Deliver valuable insights

Give your customers more control with access to detailed property and suburb reports to help guide their buying and selling decisions. Integrated into your website and designed in your own branding, the Customer Engagement Tool allows you to provide valuable insights to your customers as they start their property journey.

Build stronger relationships

At the back end, the tool is designed to help you anticipate their needs and uncover data-driven customer personas to create a targeted service offering. And because the tool collects customer contact details (where those details are input into the application), it’s easy to follow up on leads promptly.

Boost your reputation and brand

With valuable data insights at your fingertips, you can showcase your local expertise. The Customer Engagement Tool also enables you to customise reports with your own branding, so you can stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your website.

Discover how our clients are using CoreLogic’s Customer Engagement Tool to grow leads and connect agents to customers


With many years experience in Real Estate, Kylie Walsh established REGROWTH to help agents and agencies achieve their business goals.

Utilising CoreLogic’s Customer Engagement Tool, Kylie has helped her clients to increase and nurture leads, and enhance the customer journey.



To guide customers along their property journey, it’s important to offer local expertise and in-depth real estate insights. That’s why Atlas, the LJ Hooker Group’s innovation hub, has partnered with CoreLogic to put valuable data in the hands of real estate agents, property managers and their customers.

With CoreLogic's Customer Engagement Tool, Atlas customers can now instantly download branded property or suburb reports written in easy-to-understand language. This not only helps them make informed property decisions, but it is also designed to help strengthen the agent–customer relationship.

The results:

Since using the Customer Engagement Tool, Atlas has seen immediate results. In the first month alone, they had over 2,000 people downloading their customised reports – well beyond their expectations.


CoreLogic is a great partner for anyone in the property game. They are the best in the country at gathering that data and assisting us in decoding it and being able to use it in a meaningful way.

Christine Mikhael, Chief Performance Officer at Atlas

Features of the Customer Engagement Tool include:


Digital Property and Suburb Reports

Your customers can access comprehensive profiles of available properties and compare performance of different areas.

Agent report screenshot

Agent Reports

Demonstrate your expertise with the ability to provide customers with tailored reports on local property values and market trends.

screenshot of analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Gain more information about your leads, with real-time data that shows which properties and suburbs your customers are focusing on.

Start moving forward.

Our process is simple

1. We integrate the Customer Engagement tool into your existing website
2. Your future customers start researching property
3. You learn about your customer behaviours and determine when to start the conversation

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