Estimate more accurately

Cordell Cost Guides can help you produce more accurate and competitive quotes faster – no matter what your project is. Calculations for complex projects become easy to analyse and customise to suit your business. If you supply to the building industry, a Cordell Cost Guide can be a valuable resource to help make your quotes more accurate.


Guides are available in print format (updated quarterly) or electronically via our Estimator Platinum platform (updated weekly). All Cost Guides include estimating tips and other useful information, and come with technical support.

Housing Building Cost Guide

Whether you are pricing a concrete strip footing, a new brick veneer wall, a first floor extension or a complete house, you can find build cost information in the Cordell Housing Building Cost Guide. Plus, labour and material costs are detailed separately.

Every costing rate includes the labour required to fix the item into position, all material costs including appropriate allowances for waste and any plant hire costs involved. Each element is shown independently and then totalled to give you the total dollar value. This allows you to compare the rate given against your own particular situation then accept the rate or make any price adjustments.

Each Cordell Housing Building Cost Guide includes: 

  • 40 trade categories
  • 10,000+ supply and fix prices
  • Labour and material price break-up
  • Available for VIC, NSW and QLD

Commercial/Industrial Building Cost Guide

Cordell Commercial/Industrial Building Cost Guides are a comprehensive library of supply and fix costs for the building industry, helping you estimate any type of commercial or industrial building work, quickly and accurately. 

Each costing is broken up into its various labour, material and plant hire costs, which means you can see how each rate has been calculated. This allows you to manipulate each unit rate to suit your own individual situation.

Each Cordell Commercial/Industrial Building Cost Guide includes: 

  • 46 trade categories
  • 12,000+ supply and fix prices
  • Labour and material price break up
  • Available for VIC, NSW and QLD


Western Australia and South Australia Cost Guides are also available, with commercial and housing data combined. The South Australia Cost Guide also includes a location cost factor for the Northern Territory. 

Location cost factors 

A location cost factor has been calculated for the different postcodes across Australia, providing an effective way to compare building costs across the country. This helps you measure the additional costs incurred when building in different locations across a state. 

Cordell uses sophisticated GIS mapping programs to map and analyse data across Australia, including transport routes and distances, distribution of building subcontractors, ABS Census data and population density and distribution. Location cost factors are a comparative estimating tool that takes into account the logical requirements of building in regional and remote areas.