Cordell Cost Guides

Industry standard pricing at your fingertips.

Creating accurate & comprehensive estimates for construction projects can be a long & stressful process.

It doesn’t have to be. With Cordell's industry-leading estimating cost guides you can produce accurate, competitive quotes faster – no matter what your project is. Calculations for complex projects become easy to analyse and customise to suit your business. 

3 ways Cordell Cost Guides can help your business 

  1. Estimate more accurately - it's easier to estimate accurately with individual labour, material and plant hire costings. Each costing rate includes the labour required to fix the item into position, all material costs including appropriate allowances for waste, and any plant hire costs involved.
  2. Save time – don’t waste time with multiple sources, use one comprehensive resource in a convenient electronic or printed format that gives you current data and 12 months’ estimator support.
  3. Save money - each element is shown independently and then totalled to give you the total dollar value. This allows you to accurately compare the rate given against your own particular situation then accept the rate or make any price adjustments.
Key Features

Cordell Cost Guides are the trusted, must-have reference for anyone who prepares building and construction project estimates.

  • All Cost Guides include estimating tips and other useful information
  • Individual labour, material and plant hire costings make it easier to estimate accurately
  • Available in a convenient electronic format that is updated daily, or you can choose printed format
  • The Cordell Housing and the Commercial & Industrial Building Cost Guides each give you 12 months’ estimator support and are updated every quarter
  • The Cordell Housing Building Cost Guide covers 41 trade categories, including plumbing, landscaping and drainage, and more than 10,000 supply and fix prices in one comprehensive resource
  • The Cordell Commercial & Industrial Building Cost Guide covers 46 trade categories and more than 12,000 supply and fix prices
  • The Cordell Student Cost Guide features an abridged “sample” version of the Cordell Commercial, Industrial and Housing Building Cost Guide for use within educational institutions such as TAFE, Universities and Trade Colleges

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cordell Cost Guides suitable for?

Cordell Cost Guides are ideal for smaller operators in the construction and building services and supply industries who want a quick hardcopy reference to help them with quotes and pricing. Our clients include builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and joiners, landscapers, bricklayers, plasterers, building students. If you supply the building industry and find having a hard copy guide in the car the most useful way to access information, a Cordell Cost Guide is a valuable resource to make your quotes more accurate.