Partner Program

Harness the power of ingredient branding to accelerate your business potential.

Our Partner Program provides resellers the ability to enhance their business reputation by leveraging Australia’s leading property data and analytics.

Key Features

Partner Program

Leverage the power of ingredient branding with access to the largest and most comprehensive property database and data-driven insights in Australia.

  • Use of a ‘partner’ badge to differentiate your market offering
  • Dedicated support when you need it via a Business Alliance Manager
  • Co-operative product development with a team of CoreLogic experts to develop solutions for your business
  • Tailored product training and a 'data boot camp' to guide your staff to become experts


Premier Partner Program

Continue your journey with CoreLogic and step into an exclusive program to reward you and differentiate your value proposition.

Benefits available to premier partners include:

  • Use of the exclusive ‘premier partner’
    badge to differentiate your offering in the market
  • Access funds for sales & marketing
  • Direct and seamless connectivity to market leading property data
  • Preferred access to new offerings
  • Invitation to CoreLogic global events
  • Roadmap and product co-development

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can qualify for the Partner Program?

CoreLogic’s ‘reseller’ channel partners are viewed as an extension of our team and are invited to join forces with us to drive growth and profitability for your company. We believe that by combining the brands of leading industry providers, we can unlock additional value for you - our partners, and the end customers you serve.

What differentiates the Premier Partner program?

Reserved for our top performing partners, CoreLogic introduces the Premier Partner category to help differentiate your level of commitment and to help fuel additional growth. As a member of CoreLogic’s Premier Partner Program, you are eligible to participate in a unique cooperative market development fund designed specifically to help you innovate and grow your business. To qualify, purchase a minimum dollar amount of accruing CoreLogic product within the previous twelve months and CoreLogic will contribute to a portion of your marketing or advertising spend where the CoreLogic brand is highlighted.