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Get mobile and see more clients

RP Data Pro allows you to take your business truly mobile, improving efficiency and responsiveness in an increasingly fast paced and competitive environment. Research the market while grabbing a coffee with a client, create and deliver reports between meetings and respond to enquiries immediately from any location.

Gain a competitive edge by connecting with the right people at the right time by being able to access vital property details and market insights from your mobile device when you're away from your desk. RP Data Pro provides:

  • Detailed information about properties including key attributes, previous sale details, ownership details, Valuation Estimates, sales, listings and rental history
  • Multiple ways to search for properties and multiple refinement options
  • Sophisticated algorithms to find the best comparable sales and listings
  • The ability to see how a property has changed over time with the image gallery tile view
  • One-click access into RP Data Professional to run a CMA, Order Titles and more
  • The ability to produce Property Reports, Suburb Reports, Valuation
  • Estimate reports and Rental Estimate reports which can easily be shared via email or message to clients

School zone data

School location and catchment details can be a significant factor in home buying decisions. Real Estate Professionals can use this information to help buyers purchase a home within preferred school catchment areas and to further position themselves as the local expert. Investors can also use this information when seeking family-friendly properties and trying to pinpoint upcoming hotspots.

The addition of nearby schools and school catchment information inside RP Data Pro means you can now view a list of nearby government and non-government schools in every property search, without having to visit other websites.

A school catchment area is the geographical location where a state school's core intake of students must live. These schools are listed in the ‘In Catchment’ list. Up to 5 nearby schools, including non-government schools, are listed in the ‘All Nearby’ list.

Nearby schools and school catchment information can help you:

  • Provide advice about schools catchment areas
  • Share a school snapshot with potential buyers
  • View important information about a school including its website, school type, gender mix, year range, catchment map and more
  • Search for nearby listings, sales and rentals in a 2km radius around a preferred school
  • View travel times from the target property by car, public transport and walking
  • Give feedback about a school if you notice any missing information


Click here to read more.

Market Trends

Market Trends provides you with insights into how the property market is performing within a suburb. With just a few clicks, you can see data and graphs that show you the median value of a property over time, days on market, sales information and rental market details.

Market Trends allows you to see nearby suburbs based on your location, see saved suburbs at a glance or perform a suburb search. A Trends page provides detailed market information about your chosen suburb, where you can interact with the graph to get granular information and gain new insights by changing metrics, time frame or property type. Read more. 


Brokers and lenders now have a fast and easy way to check the status of ValEx valuation orders with ValTrack in RP Data Pro. This provides greater transparency to the valuation process, helps manage any potential problems that could cause delays to a valuation order and helps you have the right conversations at the right time. Click here to read more.

Sharper aerial images with RP Data

CoreLogic and Nearmap have made it easier than ever to understand the features of a property and its surrounding environment.

Thanks to industry-leading aerial imagery and location analytics from Nearmap, you can now access high-resolution images from across Australia and New Zealand. You can also view historical imagery for ‘before and after’ visual comparisons.

Discover how this next level of intelligence can help you make confident property decisions, plan your next projects and drive your business forward.


Available for iOS and Android

RP Data Pro is free with all RP Data Professional subscriptions.