turnaround times for CoreLogic Desktops when compared to Full Residential Valuations
Up to %
for alternative service types when comparing CoreLogic Desktops to Full Residential Valuations
assessments completed
every year

Full Suite of Service Types

ValConnect offers an end-to-end valuation platform for residential, commercial and rural properties with customisable templates and reports for desktops, kerbsides, full valuations and constructions reports.

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Improved “Time to Yes”

The time required for loan approval is arguably the biggest pain point for bankers and brokers, and is often held up by a lengthy valuation process. ValConnect offers customisable, alternative service types with an industry-leading turnaround time of approximately 4 hours on average for CoreLogic Residential Desktops. Secure more customers and be ahead of the market by reducing turnaround times and providing “same-day” loan approval.

Reduce Valuation Costs

ValConnect Desktop Assessments offer a cost effective solution to complete the valuation process, with the cost per assessment being approximately 55% cheaper than full valuations, when comparing CoreLogic Desktops to full residential valuations. Get the most out of your portfolio by including ValConnect as part of your valuation strategy.

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Managed Data Service

ValConnect is powered by CoreLogic’s Customer Data Store (CDS), which allows the ingestion of client and valuer data to supplement CoreLogic data and provide a richer user experience. All ingested data is stored separately from CoreLogic’s core data, and is only viewable by authenticated users associated with the client or valuation firm. 

Fully Managed Product

ValConnect is a fully managed product with strong operational controls to ensure optimal panel performance and consistency across all panel firms. CoreLogic ensures all suppliers are trained on the ValConnect platform prior to completing any assessments.

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