In your career you would have used many different communication tools to connect with your clients and also witnessed many changes in the methods employed to communicate to customers.  A quote from a recent article in MPA Magazine by global futurist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson, sums up the new world communication order: “Digital is phenomenal for attracting new clients, and analogue is great for retaining (cross-selling and closing) existing clients.”

The advice that follows is thus: “You need to become a thought leader in the way that you provide informational, rational value to clients’ increasingly digital minds, while still connecting emotionally with their enduringly analogue hearts.”

After all, client relationships are always driven by the personal touch. Harnessing the power of the technology you have access to and using it to add value to your clients. Such as providing a quick CMA for a prospect or an AVM emailed to your client after a brief phone conversation about valuations. When on the road or with a client, jump on pro to look up property detail on the spot.

The article concludes by saying: “There is a time to be digital and there is a time to be analogue. Financial services professionals must ensure they find the correct blend. Digital is phenomenal for attracting new clients and for boosting your own digitally amplified branding, while analogue can be great for building enduring trust, retaining business, and closing deals.”

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Source: MPA Magazine



Notes from the editor

There are a number of great tools in your RP Data subscription that you can harness in the digital era. Some of the more popular tools include our AVM report and pro (for a full list of popular broker tool click here):

Flexible rp.autoval (AVM) reports
Manage your clients’ expectations for the amount they wish to borrow by exploring the property record and comparable sales for the area using our objective tools and independent data. RP Data’s rp.autoval reports compares features and attributes of your target property and then looks at all of the recent sales and listings in that area to estimate your property’s current market value. The report will give you a confidence score by showing an FSD % range. Learn more here or watch a 2 minute video below.

Your smartphone app on the road
RP Mobile Pro is an iPhone app designed for brokers on the move. You can access to RP Professional via your smart phone and get instant access to property and owner details to ensure you have information at your finger tips when you are meeting with clients.

  • Instant access to property and owner details.
  • Find out current property values and communicate with your clients instantly.
  • Search on property attributes and view like for like comparables.
  • Search for units and houses for sale or properties sold in a suburb.
  • Use filtered searches to find specific properties.
  • rp.autoval helps you manage client expectations.
  • Download it free from the App Store here.

Generating an RP AutoVal Valuation Report