RP Data Professional

Powerful property insights

RP Data Professional is the leading property data solution used by property professionals in Australia. This powerful property database helps you prepare reports for clients, value estimates, verify information and conduct valuable research and highly targeted marketing.

RP Data Professional is also delivered in a mobile app - RP Data Pro, meaning you no longer need to be in the office to maximise productivity. 

5 ways RP Data Professional helps grow your business

  1. Understand your market - Get a real understanding of your local market down to an address level or draw your own territory. See what is for sale, recently sold and conduct research on values and property owners. Get a feel for who lives in your target area, how they live, their aspirations and their asset base.
  2. Win new customers or upsell to existing clients - Buying or selling a home is a significant change of life-stage which has a ripple effect on dozens of different transactions. Identify new business opportunities by understanding changed ownership status. See properties that have been on the market for extended periods, or recently sold and who has listed or sold them.
  3. Save time and effort - Use the intuitive tools within RP Data Professional to view, manage and print active listings, produce reports, buy land titles and deliver targeted direct marketing campaigns. You can even export data to your own database.
  4. Engage with your customers - Have more informed conversations with customers based on your knowledge of property pricing, features and ownership status. Provide accurate reports for pricing estimates or valuations backed by the most up-to-date property information.
  5. Mobile access anywhere, anytime - The RP Data Pro mobile app means you no longer need to be in the office to maximise productivity. Research, compare properties and create reports 24/7, at the touch of a button. 


Key Features

RP Data Professional is the premier property database tool that powers the real estate and related industries. Our data covers 98% of the market, goes back more than 39 years and is constantly refreshed to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable property information. Our features include:

  • Sophisticated search tools - Find properties easily by searching by street, suburb, postcode or land parcel. Territory search to allow you to custom build your own areas and then quickly filter our data.
  • Custom reports - Track prospects, listings, current and future sales and rentals that are relevant to you.
  • Marketing functions - Filter your search results, then use the information to create targeted marketing campaigns with personalised addresses.
  • Advanced mapping - Helps you see hot spots in your area, measure property boundaries, show distances to local amenities, present aerial maps to customers and much more.
  • Extensive photography - with date stamps so you can see how properties have changed and improved over time.


Help when you need it

Access our Customer Success Centre to help you get the most out of your subscription to meet the challenges and opportunities your business faces

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get RP Data Professional?

Online access is available on a subscription basis. It is currently sold as a bundle, with upgrade options based on data areas and the number of users. Click here to speak to a sales consultant.

Where do you get your data from?

At CoreLogic, we collect data from more than 600 different sources. These include major real estate franchises, website portals, developers, government sources and we even key in the print advertising of more than a hundred newspapers. Find out more by reading our Data Promise.

The data about a property that I own/know about is not correct. How do I fix that?

From time to time, you may find individual records within RP Data Professional that are out of date. This may be because they have not sold for many, many years, or alternatively, are new and off the plan. You can update records by emailing dataquality@corelogic.com.au. You can even send in photos if you have them.


“CoreLogic RP Data enhances the relationship that we have with clients. It means you can fully investigate the properties your clients are looking to purchase.”
Michael Hart, Aussie, Broker, Woodvale, WA 

“RP Data Professional allows me to stay front of mind with my customers, especially when it comes to purchases. CoreLogic RP Data is part of my appointment, my procedure. I give customers a demo before they leave. It’s another value add that we can offer; another reason for customers to talk to me.”
Andrew Bartzis, Broker, Aussie, Taigum Qld 

“Over many years in real estate, RP Data Professional continues to be the most important referencing tool I use - both in terms of keeping my clients informed, and in preparing up to date appraisals and market information. CoreLogic RP Data is continually offering training and support to ensure I use all the available tools I have at my fingertips, and that I’m continually learning more. I would not be a knowledgeable real estate professional without them.”
Tracey Mayze, Sales Representative, Professionals Property Plus Canning Vale, WA