The latest research from Burke Road Cityscope shows sales value has decreased in the quarter to May 2019. In this latest quarter, there were 4 sales at a total value of $7.4 million, compared to the 6 sales at a total value of $9.9 million in the previous quarter.

This quarter brings the 12-month total to $30.5 million of 19 sales, a decrease compared to the 27 sales at a total value of $114.1 million over the previous year.

The table below shows sales recorded for the past eight updates of Burke Road Cityscope.

Pulse - BKSalesGrid_0.gif


Notable sales in the May 2019 update of Burke Road Cityscope include:

  • 509-513 Riversdale Road, Camberwell
    A single-storey building containing one single and one double shop and part two-storey to Market Place. Constructed in 1924 and extensively refurbished since then. There is parking for two cars at the rear, which was bought for $4.65 million; and
  • 849 Burke Road, Camberwell
    A two-storey brick Victorian terrace building with a shop to Burke Road with car parking for 2 to 3 vehicles accessed from the rear lane, which was bought for $1.675 million.


Pulse - BKSalesChart_0.gif


Properties for sale in the May 2019 update of Burke Road Cityscope include:

  • 947 Burke Road, Camberwell
    An older 2-storey building with a ground floor shop and residential space on the upper level with a gross building area of 252 sqm, which is for sale by auction through Fitzroys; and
  • 389 Camberwell Road, Camberwell
    A single-storey brick shop constructed in 1924 on a 69 sqm block which the building occupies the whole site, which is for sale through Fitzroys.

Leasing opportunities listed in the May 2019 update of Burke Road Cityscope include:

  • Qantas House at 2-6 Railway Parade, Camberwell
    A four-storey office building with parking for 148 cars over three and a half basement levels, which has office space of 896 sqm available through Premier Commercial;
  • Burke Plaza at 658 Burke Road, Camberwell
    A 2-storey retail building divided into three showrooms, which has retail space of 314 sqm available through Knight Frank – Eastern Office; and
  • 683 Burke Road, Hawthorn East
    A five-storey office block with parking for 20 cars on the lower ground floor, which has office space of 340 sqm available through GormanKelly.