Sales recorded for Melbourne Units Cityscope for the three months to November 2017 totalled $573.1 million, an increase from the $406 million recorded for the quarter to August 2017 and the $179.3 million recorded for the quarter to May 2017. The increase is accounted for by the inclusion of the off –the-plan sales of the tower at 35 Spring Street, Melbourne and The Trillium at 36-40 La Trobe Street, Melbourne in this update.

The latest data brings the 12-month sales total to $1.328 billion, an increase from the previous twelve months, which recorded sales of $1.050 billion.
The table below shows sales recorded for the past eight updates of Melbourne Units Cityscope.


Some notable sales featured in the November 2017 update of Melbourne Units Cityscope include:

  • Unit 1901 in the 43-level residential tower at 35 Spring Street, Melbourne, a whole-floor unit with a large balcony facing south east wrapping around Spring Street, Flinders Lane and Howitt Lane plus three balconies facing north east and one balcony facing south west on level 19 including two parking areas for four cars on level two and storage areas on basement level one and level nine, which was sold for close to $7.95 million;
  • Units 341 and 342 in Treasury Gate at 93-101 Spring Street, Melbourne, comprising the 24th floor penthouse, a 430 sqm four-bedroom apartment with four car spaces, which was sold for $7 million; and
  • Unit 4203 in the residential tower at 35 Spring Street, Melbourne, an apartment with two balconies facing south west and north east on level 42, including two car parking spaces on basement level two; which was sold for over $6.53 million.

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