This quarterly update of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope shows a significant decrease in total sales value, with a total of 14 sales at a value of $19.3 million, compared to 30 sales at a total value of $299 million for the quarter ending January 2019. The 12-month total sales figure stands at $658.2 million for the year ending April 2019, with 99 sales recorded over that period, a decrease from the previous 12 months ending April 2018, during which 128 sales were recorded with a total value of $944.9 million.

The table below shows sales recorded for the last eight updates of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope:

Pulse - PUSalesGrid_1.gif


Notable sales in the areas covered by Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope for the April 2019 update include:

  • 67-69 Murray Street, Pyrmont
    A three-storey office and retail building with a net lettable area of 868 sqm and a land area of 285 sqm, was bought for $8.5 million;
  • Suite 45 at Jones Bay Wharf at 26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont
    A three-level office suite comprising 69 sqm space plus a 25 sqm balcony on level 3, 76 sqm space on level 4 and 25 sqm space on level 5, was bought for $2.155 million and
  • Suite 3.09, a 72 sqm office, Suite 3.10, a 68 sqm office and Suite 3.11, a 74 sqm office on level three at 22-36 Mountain Street
    A five-storey brick warehouse building converted into an office building, were bought together for approximately $1.7 million.
Pulse - PUSalesChart_1.gif


Properties listed as for sale in the April 2019 update of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope include:

  • 617 Harris Street, Ultimo
    A three-storey terrace used as medium-term tourist accommodation, built in 1881 and refurbished in 2012/13, for sale through Hartigan Bolt;
  • Suite 118 at the Goldsbrough Building, 243 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont
    A 625 sqm office suite on level one, for sale through DB Property and
  • Lot 92 at Harbours Edge, 1-5 Harwood Street, Pyrmont
    A 196 sqm ground floor retail shop including 4 sqm of storage, for sale through Pyrmont City First National.

Leasing opportunities listed in the April 2019 update of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope include:

  • Willcox Mofflin Building at 46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo
    A five-storey brick warehouse building with basement parking extensively redeveloped and converted into office building at in 2002, has office space of 1,193 sqm on the ground level for lease through Colliers International;
  • Ultimo Trade Centre at 28-48 Wattle Street, Ultimo
    A five-storey brick Federation-style warehouse building connected to a two-storey brick warehouse building, has office space of 1,117 sqm for lease through DJ Wear & Associates – Sydney and
  • 187-189 Glebe Point Road
    A two-storey building with ground floor retail to Glebe Point Road, has retail space ranging from 100 to 200 sqm for lease through Belle Property Newtown.