Australia’s leading property data and analytics provider CoreLogic has launched the latest iteration of its valuation software, ValConnect, adding rural desktops to its integrated service offering.

The Rural Desktop product builds upon the success of CoreLogic’s existing commercial and residential desktop services, launched in early 2019, to make it easier for lenders, brokers and government bodies to appraise rural properties.

CoreLogic developed the software in response to growing demand for a lightweight alternative to standard rural valuations, which require full inspections, lengthy turnaround times and complicated reports.

“Dynamic changes across the rural property sector are occurring at a rapid rate with interest in alternative service types from the banking, finance and government sectors,” says Tim Jenner, Head of Product at CoreLogic.

“With the recent availability of government spatial data and aerial imagery, we have built a platform incorporating relevant rural data sets within a single map view, allowing rural valuers to complete broad acre assessments remotely and accurately.”

CoreLogic Rural Desktop valuations assessments are completed remotely with users benefiting from a streamlined data capture workflow, enhanced geo-spatial capabilities and a concise, summarised report format.

Key features of the new rural desktop product include:

  • Integrated mapping solution with aggregated data sets
  • Customised data capture fields, specific for rural valuations
  • Rural-specific research portal
  • Integrated rural methodology worksheets.

ValConnect is powered by CoreLogic’s Customer Data Store (CDS), which allows the ingestion of client data to supplement CoreLogic data and provides a richer user experience.

All client-ingested data is stored separately from CoreLogic’s data stack, and is only viewable by authenticated users associated with that client. All data within the ValConnect platform is secured by encryption.

The ValConnect platform is available on both web and via a dedicated iOS app, with an integrated floor plan sketching tool.

“Many brokers, lenders and government bodies are recognising the benefits of digital platforms. The power of big data in the ValConnect platform ultimately leads to faster turnaround times, cost savings, and smarter decision-making to provide a superior customer experience.”

“With customers increasingly prioritising speed and cost efficiency, data-enabled platforms such as ValConnect can be a valuable asset to any portfolio.”