CoreLogic is pleased to introduce ‘Customer Preferred Appointments', a simple and efficient way towards improving customer experience.

CoreLogic is pleased to introduce ‘Customer Preferred Appointments', a simple and efficient way towards improving customer experience, removing bottlenecks in the valuation process, and provide transparency and certainty at the point of order.

Research by CoreLogic has identified that the most frustrating, and time consuming, aspect of a property valuation, for consumers, lenders, brokers and valuers alike, is arranging the inspection – that is making contact, and arranging a suitable time that respectively suits the client and the Valuer to perform the inspection.

To address this inefficiency, CoreLogic has partnered with NAB, and valuation firms nationally, to design a solution to enable appointment scheduling at the point of order.

How it works

  1. When a valuation is requested, the inspection contact will receive an SMS message providing visibility of available appointment times for the valuation panel.
  2. Once the customer nominates the preferred appointment time, the Valuer is notified and confirms acceptance.
  3. Upon acceptance the inspection contact receives a SMS text confirming the appointment time.

Since rolling out Customer Preferred Appointments nationally for NAB in March 2017, customers have shown a significant uptake of the new workflow and positive feedback of the process.

Tim Jenner from CoreLogic said, “Customer Preferred Appointments removes a significant friction point in valuations process and is a major benefit for all parties in the valuation lifecycle.  In the current age, consumers rightfully have high expectations of service. If they are able to order groceries on line and nominate a suitable time for delivery…. Why should a valuation inspection be any different? Not only do our client’s customers benefit by having control of booking the valuation inspection time, our ValEx clients and panel firms also benefit through fewer delays, which require multiple touchpoints and rework”.

Customer Preferred Appointments is now available to all ValEx clients for metro valuation requests, including ValEx ordered originated via the CoreLogic Property Services Hub.

To learn more about Customer Preferred Appointments contact your CoreLogic representative, call 1300 734 318.