In Australia’s top 50 ‘National Top Performing Suburbs’ report, nine of the top ten spots went to houses in Victoria, with units making an appearance at #15. 

The CoreLogic report identifies those suburbs and towns nationwide that are classed as ‘over-performers’, based on their change in median value over the past 12 months but also their medium and longer term results.

50 suburbs recorded at least 15% median value growth over the past 12 months, in addition to 15%+ median value growth in both the medium (3 yrs) and long term (5 yrs). The top ten of the top 50 list is below:

CoreLogic Top Suburbs Report

First place goes to houses in Kilmore, Victoria where median values over the past twelve months grew 32.5% on top of good medium to longer term performance (27.1% for the 3 year change in median value and 42.6% for the five year change in median value). The median value of houses in Kilmore, Vic is currently $469,393.

Closely following in second place are houses in Darley, Victoria. With a current median valuation of $540,727, those values grew 30.2% in the last 12 months, 46.4% in the last three years and 64% over the past five.

Romping home in third, were houses in North Geelong, Victoria, where median values grew 29.2% in the last twelve months, 44.4% in the last three years, and 59.0% over the last five. The current median valuation for houses in Geelong is $475,747.

The first time units appear on the top 50 list is at #15 spot, in Carrum Downs - again in Victoria. There, median values for units grew 25.2% in the last twelve months, 49.4% over the last three years and 52.3% in the last five. Median values for units in Carrum Downs are currently $459,122

For the full ‘Top 50 suburbs’ list, ranked by both performance and name (for easy reference), including key analysis metrics, housing type and demographic commentary, the full report is available here.