What you know about your prospective vendor before you meet with them can help you win listings. Similarly, what you do with this information and how you record it can in turn cultivate a loyal client base and generate new business. So with new business comes more clients and more information to remember and act on at the right time. So how do you manage all of this information? What systems and processes do you need to ensure that you’re making the most of every opportunity?

Principal John Cunningham, of Cunninghams Property on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, spoke to Real Estate Business at the recent Real Estate Sales Summit on this topic: “I want to know what the clients’ motivation for selling is, what they know about us and if they were referred to us.”

He went on to add: “Unless you have the systems and processes behind your business, it all falls apart.”

“If you start taking pieces out of the processes it weakens the whole structure, if you take one out it could collapse. So the strength is in the complete structure,” he said.

With the market calling out for a tailored agency management solution, rpdata has launched rp.agent achieve. It is designed to keep customers and agents connected through integrated websites, lead management, client relationship management (CRM), listings management and e-marketing tools.

rp.agent achieve allows you to stay connected with prospects, by recording details about them such as current properties, investment properties, desired properties, opens they’ve been to, anniversaries and more.

rp.agent achieve image

Combining best practice contact management with the power of rpdata’s extensive property system, rp.agent achieve’s unique integration with rpdata puts you one step ahead when learning about potential seller leads. Just by capturing the sellers address, you’ll have a wealth of information at your finger tips, including property images and attributes, sales and listing history, value estimates and median sales for the suburb.

Instant buyer matching, along with automated client marketing plans and Property Profile reports, rp.agent achieve gives you the tools and processes to ensure you make the most of opportunities to win new business and convert those potential sellers into appraisals and listings.

Commenting on his in-house processes, Mr Cunningham added: “One of the processes I’m quite proud of is our process of connecting with clients which we call connected moments. Every single touch point we have with the client we document, that’s the way we do business. Those steps really make sure that we’re focusing on the client’s needs.”

rp.agent achieve simplifies tasks and communication through the use of client marketing plans and listing notifications – keeping your agents constantly in touch with their clients and ensuring they remain top of mind. Daily task lists, reminders and synchronisation to smartphones ensure agents remember to follow-up and provide principals with the confidence that their clients are receiving great customer service.

To set up your efficient contact management system and process with rp.agent achieve please call 1300 734 318 or email [email protected].

Source: Real Estate Business Online