Previously, when doing a name search in RP Data Professional, it only returned properties where the current owner matched the name you entered. We heard you – what you really want, is the option to be able to search for properties where that person previously owned as well.

With this release, we now align the Name Search with what you could do in Classic, and also can currently do in RP Data Pro (mobile). Now, the default Name Search (for both person and company search) returns properties that match both current and previous ownership.

In the screenshot below, you can see the first property is returned because ‘Rogers’ was a previous vendor (back in 2004). The second property is returned because ‘Rogers’ is a current vendor.

Name Search now matches previous ownership

As mentioned, the default behaviour has been updated to include both current and historic ownership, and a filter (tick box) has been added to allow the user to return properties that match ‘Current Owner only’.

Owner Names now in the Search Results too 

To complement this enhancement, we now also return the Owner Name (or Company Name) in the search results, for both the Property and Sales History tabs.

Note: Name Search is not available in ACT, TAS, NT, VIC and SA due to supplier restrictions.

This change is now live and available within RP Data Professional.