The CoreLogic RP Data Pain & Gain Report is a quarterly assessment of realised gross profit and loss based on dwelling re-sales over the December Quarter of 2014.

Over the December 2014 quarter, 8.6% of all home resales recorded a gross loss compared to their previous purchase price. The figure had fallen from 9.1% over the September 2014 quarter and was lower than the 9.6% recorded over the December 2013 quarter.

The proportion of loss-making resales was at its lowest level in December 2014 since the three months to June 2011. The total value of these loss-making resales over the quarter was $418 million and the average loss was $65,435.

The data shows that the vast majority of resales (91.4%) recorded a gross profit over the quarter with 32.3% selling for more than double their original purchase price. The gross profit across all profit-making resales was $17.1 billion and the average gross profit across these resales was $251,696.

Profit & Loss across Capital Cities and Regional areas*


*Results also included in the report but not in table above: 0% to 10% Profit.


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