At CoreLogic, we help people build better by lives by informing the very best property decisions.

Thanks to a recent Australia and New Zealand agreement with global technology pioneer Nearmap, CoreLogic’s products will be getting an upgrade in 2021. We’re currently integrating best-in-class aerial imagery from Nearmap into the tools for ValConnect, RP Data and RP Data Pro.

Cordell Connect customers will also be able to see changes over time on development sites, with access to historical imagery for ‘before and after’ visual comparisons.

Captured from light aircraft rather than satellite, using state-of-the-art proprietary camera technology, Nearmap delivers high-resolution, current imagery. This makes it easier than ever to understand and analyse the current features of a property and its surrounding environment.

Inspect and analyse locations virtually

Powered by industry-leading geospatial technology, Nearmap frequently captures 100 urban areas across Australia, including 90% of the population, in high resolution, producing 2D vertical, oblique, 3D and AI products. 

Having reliable access to clear and current aerial imagery may potentially reduce the need to physically visit properties.  It may help you plan projects, make confident property decisions and boost efficiencies more easily from your desktop.

Other benefits include:
  • current imagery in metro and rural areas for agents completing appraisals and reports
  • better rural coverage of farming properties for valuers
  • colour-corrected and orthorectified images for accurate drawings and measurements 
  • visualisation tools to help understand a property’s local environment 
  • functionality to layer Nearmap imagery with other data for a hybrid map view