Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy launching improvements to our products to make it easier for you to find, win and nurture new customers. We have focused on developing ways you can work more effectively while on the road by building productivity refinements into the mobile application and particularly the iPad. In addition, to help you win clients, we continue to improve our CMA to be the industry leading solution for property professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the competition.

As always, we are striving to help the property industry solve your biggest problems and we love to work collaboratively with our customers. If you wish to be part of future product development and testing please contact us at CoreLogic Labs.

Property notes on mobile and iPad

We know you visit a lot of homes while interacting with potential sellers and potential buyers. Keeping track of all of these properties in a list is just not enough so we’ve now added the ability to add your own private notes to individual properties.  

Perhaps you want to keep a note of a potential vendor’s details, or note a property as an option for a potential buyer. You can now do this with ease while on the go. 

In addition, to help keep things in check for you we created a favourites list which automatically populates with all the properties that you have added notes.

These features are now available to update via the App Store

A whole new iPad experience

Previously we treated our iPad a little differently to our iPhone experience. However customer feedback showed that iPads are being used more and more for engaging clients on the road, so we wanted to ensure we are offering the same market leading experience as with the iPhone.   

You can now share all of your customised property searches, watch lists, notes and reports from your iPhone across to your iPad. This means you can be more productive on the road with the use of a bigger screen, to help bring in those clients.

This feature is now available to update via the App Store.

CMA - Full Page Featured Comparables

Communicating the right comparables can make the difference between a good agent and a great agent. Understanding these comparables and presenting them impressively to the vendor is a key skill every agent should have in order to win the listing & secure a sale price that satisfies the market, vendor and agent.

We’ve made that job easier with our new Full Page Featured Comparable feature. Now you will be able to customise your report with:

  • a premier comparable listing or sale (or multiple!) on a full page,
  • up to 3 photos of your choice,
  • a selection of notes, and 
  • a map view with your choice of positioning. 

This will allow you to provide the vendor with the best understanding of the comparables you have selected… especially important after their first appraisal. 

This feature is now available in RPP via Signature CMA Report

CMA - Notes to Vendor

How do vendors remember what you told them about the comparables you presented at their first appraisal meeting?

How do you tell them your achievements in terms of being the best agent to get them the best price… or lower their price expectations in this market by talking about relevant comparable properties also on the market?

We have solved this problem by giving you the ability to tell your story through notes on comparable sales, listings and customised pages.

This feature is now available in RPP via Signature CMA Report

CMA - Full Page Comparables Map

When you talk to your vendor it helps to have a view of the comparables you’ve chosen in relation to the vendor’s property and what else in the neighbourhood might affect the price.

Is it close to a hospital? Overlooking a park? Next to a noisy train line? A short walk to Dan Murphys?

These neighbourhood attributes matter to buyers and with a full page comparables map showing both listings and comparables, you can easily point these out to the vendor when you’re appraising the price of their house.

This feature comes as a simple additional section that automatically populates a Google map that you can zoom and position yourself if you wish to include it.

This feature is now available in RPP via Signature CMA Report

CMA: Additional features

In addition to these big releases we’ve made other improvements to help you build professional CMA’s for your clients, such as:

  • Branded cover pages so you can align your colours and logo with your template
  • AutoSave feature allowing you to navigate away from your CMA before finalising without losing any of your work 
  • Selectable images on the summary pages so you can ensure you are putting the best property images forward

These features are now available in RPP via Signature CMA Report          

Coming Soon!

Finally, our team at CoreLogic Labs have been listening to your requests and we’re now beavering away on a whole new RPP experience.   All will be revealed in time... but for now a sneak peek….