With dwelling values across the combined capital cities Index posting a solid 2.8% gain over the first quarter, the housing market recovery has broadly been underway since the end of May last year, recovering by 4.2 per cent. (Source: rpdata-Rismark Indices, May 2013).

At a combined capital cities level, values still need to recover by more 3.0% before they reach a new historic high.  Based on the rate of recovery to date, it won’t be long before the housing market moves to a new historic high.

With the market slowly gathering momentum on an upward trend, it’s critical that your aware of what added services you have at your disposal with your rpdata subscription. By being more knowledgeable of the latest features and report, will help you find new leads to ensure you are ahead of the pack as the market currently moves upwards.

With rp.prospector you can find new leads by identifying properties most likely to list next.

rp.prospector helps agents identify individuals most likely to buy or sell

* Withdrawn Listings. Refers to a property advertised for sale within the previous 365 days, with no listings advertising activity detected by rpdata for 100 days and no property sale recorded in the same period.

* Find Leads. Generates a list of properties in a given suburb most likely to list based on past sales data as it relates to current on-the-market conditions.

* Listings Over 60 Days. Provides a list of properties on the market for more than 60 days in the requested suburb.

For a quick demo on how to get up and running with rp.prospector, watch our video here.

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