Signature Reports helps you create beautiful looking, modern reports for Comparable Market Analysis so you can stand out against competitors and provide great service to vendors and clients.

Our new beta CMA, created using Signature Reports, includes all the sections needed for a basic CMA including Cover Page (with the Target Property on the cover), Target Property Page, Comparable Sales and Listings and a Summary page, where you can include an indicative selling price and any notes for the vendor.


New Release This Week

A new release of Signature has just gone live! Improvements include:


New Signature Dashboard

With the Signature Dashboard, all of your previous reports are now saved in our secure cloud for safe-keeping. You can access previous reports at any time, keeping in line with compliance and making it easy to access previous reports to download, review or share.


Signature Dashboard

Easily access the dashboard at any time by clicking on the Signature logo in the header.

Customise to tell your story

You can now customise the report title, page titles and add an indicative selling price and any notes to tell a unique story with your vendor or client. Any changes are saved to your template, so they’re used by default when you create your next report.


Easily customise your report


Easier and Faster to use than ever before

Signature is built from the ground up with quality and user experience at top-of-mind. The new modern framework is faster and easier to create your report, and include modern styling for creating a beautiful looking report.




We’re not finished yet! Signature is continuing to be updated every few weeks with new customisation features and benefits to help you tell your story in your own way, stand out against your competitors and create beautiful looking CMA’s and reports.

In the coming releases, we’ll include the ability to add or remove sections from the report, change the order of sections, and also add Market Trends sections that you can add to the report – great for when you're talking to teachers or engineers who love to see the data!