We know how important it is to be able to differentiate yourself and customise the content on the Cover Page of your Signature Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports and Comparable Sales Reports.

We're pleased to let you know that we've just released an update to Signature that allows you to customise the content on the Cover Page section of your CMA and CSR report.

You can turn the following content sections on and off, and modify the content for:

  • The Title of the report (eg: Comparative Market Analysis)
  • Who the report is Prepared For (the recipient)
  • The Prepared On date (defaulted to today's date)
  • The Property Address (defaulted to the CoreLogic address of the property)
  • Agency Logo (only turn on and off, and applies only to the Cover Page)
  • Agent Details (only turn on and off, and applies only to the Cover Page)


Cover Page Options

The state of the checkboxes (on or off), and the Title of the report, are saved to your template so that they're remembered for the next report you do. If you modify the Property Address, we'll also use the modified Property Address on the Target Property page and Summary page - but the property address is NOT saved to your template, and apply to the current report only.

There's a few areas that need to be modified outside of Signature:

  1. To modify your Agency Logo, this needs to be done by your Account Administrator within RP Data Professional. They can go to "My Account" and then "Manage Branding" to upload a new logo.
  2. To modify your Agent Details including your profile photo, this can be done within RP Data Professional under "My Account" and then "Work Details".
  3. The agency office address can only be modified by our Customer Care team, as it's synchronised to our CRM system. Please contact Customer Care via email, live chat or phone to update your office address if it's incorrect.


Signature Cover Page

We're going to be adding more ability to customise and change the Cover Page over the next month or so - so stay tuned! We'd love your feedback on what else you'd like to be able to customise or change on the cover page. Please get in touch via [email protected] or use the 'Idea' icon within Signature (bottom right corner).