Unlike banks, most people switch mortgage brokers without thinking twice. Often there’s no incentive to stick with a broker when moving homes. For mortgage brokers, that could mean missed opportunities, an erosion of their customer base, and ultimately a loss of revenue. 
But now there’s Watch List – and for brokers it’s a game changer.

Part of CoreLogic’s PropertyHub solution, Watch List is a unique tool that allows you to create lists of properties – of existing clients, or prospects, or even other properties. You’ll then receive notification when any property on that list is sold or listed for sale.  For brokers, the benefits really add up.

First, you can safeguard that trail of commissions on every property you help finance because now they all can be stored on a list, for easy reference, and without you ever losing track. Next, set up a list in the right way and you’ll be notified when one of your existing customers lists his home for sale, giving you the chance to approach them in a timely way, discuss their finances, and possibly maintain a relationship that might have ended prematurely.

In fact, there are many ways to use Watch List. For instance, why not set up a list of potential properties for clients and let them know when any come onto the market? With the functionality on offer with this solution, there are certain to be other creative ways to take advantage of having data notifications.
Watch List will allow you to:

  • Upload addresses in bulk through csv files
  • Create multiple lists with any grouping
  • Combine with Property Monitor, another innovative digital solution, to alert you by email to property events whilst you are not on PropertyHub 
  • Make the most of User Interface (UI) notifications, which will let you know of any new activity on your lists in bright, unmistakable colours.


It’s an unfortunate fact that maintaining a book of clients is as difficult as building one up. Or at least it has been until now. Thanks to a data-driven solution like Watch List, , brokers are better positioned to keep customers, and secure new ones.

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