Deena Janes from Your Client Matters talks about marketing letters and templates.

This month I thought I’d share with you some tips and tricks about creating marketing pieces that make the phone ring.

When it comes to writing letters, most of us just start typing and away we go, often forgetting the main reason we wanted to contact our clients in the first place! So the first thing you need to consider is what are you trying to achieve? Phone calls?  Enquiries? From whom? For what?

You need to work out what you want to sell. Loans you say? Yes – but what type of loan? Who do you want to attract:

  • Investors?
  • First home buyers?
  • People with debt to consolidate?
  • Business or commercial lending?

Can you see that 1 letter will not satisfy all these different target markets for those on your database?

Here are some steps for putting together a great marketing piece:

  1. Work out your target market first.
  2. Write the content (or outsource this part if you’re not good at writing)
    Include a tip or trick or new information just released. There should be something in the text to stir up an emotion. People buy based on emotion, usually out of FEAR or VISION, and then justify their purchase intellectually.
  3. Decide what heading is going to capture their attention.
    Most people don’t realise this, but when creating a marketing piece, you actually need to spend 80% of your time creating a heading that will grab the reader’s attention. Most of us spend that much time on the copy then quickly make up a heading. Be aware, it’s the other way around! You need to give 80% of your time to creating the heading because if you don’t get the heading correct, no one is going to read your text and your offer anyway. What heading would make you read on? Test some different headings with a few people in your office or others that you know. So how do you create a great heading?
    You need to ask a question to prompt your clients thinking and wanting to know more… or present some scary or exciting fact that would make them read on…
  4. Make sure you have a ‘Call to action’. Have an offer or a reason for them to call you.
  5. Use a PS:at the bottom of your letter. It should be highlighted, in a different colour or in italic. This shows that it’s an extra point of information for your client to read. But it must be informative!
  6. Remember to put your phone number and website on the marketing piece! How many letters have you seen that say to contact the office and yet there isn’t any information on how to do so?
  7. Check what you have written.
  8. Have someone proof your work and provide honest feedback.
  9. Measure the results.
  10. Review, improve and start again.

The body of the text must be educational.

If you are not getting results from your marketing then you need to do something about it. Why not try outsourcing to get results?

If you are interested in finding out more about having marketing pieces that work then call about the Finance Matters marketing program. For more information call Your Client Matters today on 02 9526 9999.

Thanks for reading this month’s tip, I hope you can use it.

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