Property professional educating clientsABS Stats show in 2009-2010 over 600,000 houses were owned by people under 35.

With Investors currently representing the majority of the property buying market, most property and finance professionals would agree that the best place to grow business is to target the investor segment and pay less attention to first home buyers or the younger generation of buyers.

Anecdotal evidence explored by RP Data’s Greg Dickason suggests that investors themselves can often be younger stay-at-home professionals whose first foray into the property market is to purchase an investment property.  And with over 600,000 homeowners under 35 there is a large pool of potential sellers who are in this younger cohort.

As an agent or finance professional, it’s worth considering how you target these buyers and sellers:

  • Is the approach the same as targeting the older generation?
  • Does email marketing work?
  • What about letter drops and phone calls?
  • Is it all about Facebook and Twitter?
  • Is the new way about social media only?

Greg reminds us that the younger generation is far more savvy about their use of technology, however they are not fundamentally different to anyone else.  He says that nowadays, they can easily see through any strategy which is primarily about selling.  The channel – email, letter drop, or social media – does not matter.  It is the content and the expectation of the sender that matters.

So, with over 70 per cent of agencies having some form of ‘social media’ strategy, how do you make sure you cut through and become noticed and, more importantly, trusted in your community?

Next week we’ll explore this in more detail.


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