Are you connecting with the younger generation?Last week we began the first of our two-part review by Greg Dickason on whether agents and finance professionals are connecting with the younger generation of buyers.  Today, Greg concludes his views and advises on how agents and finance professionals can get more bang for buck by simply adopting better engagement skills; research has shown that it’s all about how genuine you are in your interactions with this group.

Greg asks the question – Are you trying to sell them something or are you helping them to understand,  grow and become more able property buyers and sellers?  He says that if it’s the latter, then you will find you will have longer conversations with increasing interactions and with a more natural approach in your sales funnel; you will naturally find prospects becoming contacts and then becoming customers.  This natural approach lends itself to a social media environment as it allows for longer running open conversations that build trust. Remember, the younger generation doesn’t just use Facebook because it’s a new fad, they use it because it allows a more open and honest, and shared, communication environment than found in emails or direct mail.  The same applies to Twitter – quick relevant comments on topic and broadcast to whoever wants to hear them, allowing for open and honest conversations.

Approaching this new communication paradigm can be quite a challenge for an agent or finance professional.  What is there to say that makes a difference to your audience?  What are you giving them to make them better buyers and sellers? How do you build a relationship over months which results in them trusting you and therefore using you when they are ready to enter the market, sell what they currently own or look to refinance?

In my experience changing how you think about your prospects helps to change how you communicate with them.

Imagine you are standing around a barbeque, with beer, wine or soft drink in hand.  There are 5 or 6 of you watching the meat cook and talking.  What would you say to this audience?  Of course nothing hard sell, you are at a barbeque!  But given you know a lot about the property market and what is happening in it, the kinds of comments they would find interesting could be:

“I took a look in RP Data last night and saw that twice as many four bedroom houses sold last month than the month before, and three times more than the month before that. Not as many three bedroom houses selling so there must be a different type of buyer out there. I am a little puzzled as to why – has a new school started advertising in the area”


“I am getting twice the number of people calling the office compared to last month.  It feels like real change in the air.  It is quite exciting to feel the buzz of activity, finally, come back to the market.”


“I listed a house last weekend and it sold before the first open.  That is the first time in 4 years I have managed that.  I am pretty happy.”

What is common with the above comments?

  • They are shareable.  The people you tell are likely to repeat to their friends.  The facts are simple to remember: “twice as many through open home”, “sold before open”, “more 4 bedrooms than 3 bedrooms selling”
  • They are not blatant sales but they emphasise you know what is happening in the market
  • They are personal, they show some emotion or positive response from you
  • They are mini stories.  People love stories and repeat stories


Social media is like being at the barbeque.  You start, or respond, to stories told by others and contribute what you know. As you are the expert and have access to data tools that others don’t you also can add relevant and interesting stories and facts to the conversation.   Through the process you become recognised and trusted.

Does this help you get listings in the end?  The answer is yes, but it does require time and a different level of engagement.  Keeping the content flowing is important, not necessarily every day but at least a few times a week.  Use the tools you have – you would be amazed how much you can find out just by browsing.  Then convert that to comments others find interesting, overlaid through a story and with a personal slant.



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