How do you keep in touch with your prospects and new leads? How do you make sure you remember to follow-up and cement your chance of turning a potential lead into new business?

We’ve all heard the complaints that real estate agents “never call back”. Relying on memory or an already overflowing paper diary is not the best way to manage your busy schedules or ensure that those prospective clients receive the best service you can offer.

You need to systemise and use best-practise tools and processes to show those leads that you’re the agent or agency for them.

rp.agent achieve : Your Six-Second Solution

How do you use rp.agent achieve as an effective client communication tool to help you and your agents become more powerful, more productive and more profitable?

Imagine this scenario and see if this could work to help you keep in touch and manage your workflow more efficiently.

7 AM: PING! A prospect responds to your advertising campaign or enquires via your website.

One Second: rp.agent achieve sends an interest alert directly to your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Two Seconds: rp.agent achieve automatically builds a contact record for the lead, categorising and saving all important information.

Three Seconds: A marketing plan is instantly created, including a series of reminder tasks for you – all based entirely on your predetermined preferences as well as key indicators on the interest form.

Four Seconds: An email is sent automatically on your behalf, providing the prospective client with an immediate introduction and welcome kit.

Five Seconds: You know that the first agent to make contact is often the agent of choice. You call the client and set up an appointment to meet in the evening.

Six Seconds: Using rp.agent achieve’s integrated data and research tools, you can find out what the prospect’s property is worth, find and report on comparable properties in the area, and find potential buyers all with just a few clicks.

rp.agent achieve 'Client Marketing Plans' in action

rp.agent achieve ‘Client Marketing Plans’ in action

Using the power of rp.agent achieve, you have already successfully engaged the prospective client and captured critical information, all while sipping your first cup of coffee!

To find out how your business can benefit from rp.agent achieve please call 1300 895 015 or email [email protected] for an obligation free demonstration.