Leading on from the success of RP Lister v 1,  I am very pleased to advise that RP Lister v 2 is now live in the Apple App store for customers to download and use.

If you don’t already know what it is, RP Lister is a pre-listings presentation tool for iPad.   It assists real estate agents and vendors to follow a best practice presentation framework to collaboratively agree the best listing price for the vendor’s property. This means the right price is agreed upfront, which leads to a shorter sales cycle, less vendor discounting.

What’s New in Version 2?

There are many exciting enhancements and new features in this release which we expect will really resonate with to our customers.  Here are just a  few customer requested enhancements that we’ve now added.

  1. Extra property photos are displayed to vendors while they are rating the Price Setter (TM) properties.  (The single most requested customer enhancement).
  2. More property types (for example Commercial properties) can now be presented to vendors.  (No more “I can’t present this property” problems).
  3. Greatly enhanced Vendor Property Report (PDF) for Agents to email to their vendor at the conclusion of their presentation.
  4.  Agents can now attach “Extra Documents” to their listing presentations.  (We suggest attaching a brochures, bios and authority to act forms).
  5. “Active filtering” alert messages now prompt agents to expand their search parameters so they are aware that there are more properties available for selection.
  6. More Property attributes now editable during the vendor presentation and  property appraisal
  7. Agents can now snap extra photos as they tour and appraise the Vendor’s property. {Requires an iPad 2}.
  8. There is now a simplified note taking process, making it easier for agents to document and properly appraise property features.
  9. Simplified “My Recent Sales” search which makes it easier for agents to add their own  recent sales into the presentation so that they can be discussed with the vendor.

How to update to RP Lister 2:

If you already have RP Lister installed, please follow the below instructions to perform an App Store update.

Step 1:  Located the App Store icon on your iPad home screen.  (Notice the small red number top right of the icon shows the number of installed apps awaiting your update in App Store).

Step 2:  Select Updates from the bottom navigation bar.

Step 3: Locate rp.lister in your list of available updates and select the “Free” button. Then click it a second time to commence the installation.

Upgrading from RP Lister v 1 to RP Lister v 2 DOES NOT remove or modify your existing presentation settings.  So please go for it!   ?

Thanks for reading,

Lee ?