Property Developers - Sweet Swot | By Kylie DavisMORE than 185,000 new homes and apartments are expected to be built by the end of this financial year according to the Housing Industry Association, making this year one of the strongest on records.

It demonstrates the strength of the market for developers and builders and their hunger to find the next development opportunity.

Until recently, identifying development sites and analysing the data necessary to ensure a profitable build with minimised risk has been the exclusive premise of big development firms with large research departments.

But a new suite of products from CoreLogic RP Data makes obtaining and understanding key data important to either developing house and land packages, or redeveloping existing urban areas easy and affordable.

To help property developers of any level identify the latest opportunities created by changes in council zonings, CoreLogic has partnered with Blockbrief.

Signing up to Blockbrief gives users weekly emails alerting them to changes in zoning in council areas around the country – the only way to see the bulk of Australian local government zoning in one place. Clicking on any of the links delivers deeper information such as the type of building work now permitted.

“The Developer Reports by CoreLogic are the most affordable way to conduct secondary research for your next big investment at price points to guarantee a positive ROI,” said Greg Dickason, the head of solutions at CoreLogic.

“Blockbrief is excellent for identifying arbitrage opportunities that combined with the RP Data Professional database help developers understand where zoning has changed, and then check what is available to buy in those areas.”

The second of the new reports are called Infill Reports. These help property developers understand the suitability of an urban site for redevelopment, the type of properties most in demand in the area (houses or attached dwellings, plus optimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc) and premium price points – the sweet spot –  to guarantee in-demand stock and faster sales.

Infill Reports are available by postcode precincts which include an overview of the whole postcode and then breaks it down by postcode. The Infill Reports are delivered monthly.

“The Infill reports help developers identify the housing types that are selling the quickest, in the greatest volumes and identify where there are an imbalance for particular housing types – that helps developers be really focused in what they are going to build, the features they will offer and how they will position their pricing.”

The Infill reports have been created by CoreLogic with insights from Urban Supply Intelligence, which has more than 15 years experience in the development and town planning industry.

The Infill Reports join the Greenfield Reports launched last year which examine 51 growth corridors around Australia and provide insights for home and land builder packages.

“Traditionally, research and analytics has been expensive and time consuming for developers and builders,” Mr Dickason said.

“This new data will improve the quality of analysis and information available to the industry at accessible price points.”

For more information on Property Developer reports and services by CoreLogic RP Data that will help grow your business, click here.