A recent straw poll in Real Estate Business asked the question: ‘Do blogs help generate business for real estate agencies?’ Truth be told this would relate to most property professionals, especially Mortgage Brokers.

Of the 214 votes, 44% responded that they: ‘don’t write a blog, so wouldn’t know’, almost 38% said no they didn’t think blogs generated business for real estate agencies and just over 17% responded positively that blogs do help generate business for real estate agencies.

It appears the reality of the situation is only properly understood by the 17% of respondents who answered ‘yes’ to the question.

The reason blogs do help generate business for property professionals comes down to the way Google and other search engines index websites these days.

For example, if you’re a property professional in Nowra, NSW, blogging about recent real estate results within the area, or the latest commentary from home loan finance articles in the state of NSW, your page will be heavily ranked when someone searches keywords relevant to Nowra, NSW, property and finance. Using key search words that somebody might type in when they are searching for real estate and important financial articles in your area, your website and blog has a far greater chance of appearing further up the search list. Search browsers tend to rank blogs in high esteem, especially if you are linking back to your website and ensuring all relevant key words are used. But be warned, it is not encourage to include a key word for the sake of it, our search browsers are smarter than that and may penalise your page.

As an RP Data subscriber, we encourage you to republish articles and content from our weekly Property Pulse enewsletters (read terms of use). In addition, using particular searches within your RP Professional Property System can also help generate blog posts in itself. A great example of how you can achieve this using RP Data can be read here.

Authentic website content is an important aspect for search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google and other search engines are particularly favourable to blogs in this respect. So in the case of this straw poll the majority is not always right. Blogs do generate business for property professionals because people use search engines like Google to look for you.

Having your profile and blog appear on independent sites such as RP Data which link back to your website will also enhance your ‘searchability’ and in that respect it is worth setting up your profile on rp.connect.

To learn more about how to set up your profile on rp.connect, visit rpdata.com/training or call us on 1300 734 318 to book a training session.