Mortgage Broking for the Finance Professional is a changing game. The heyday of the housing boom has long past and the GFC turned into tighter credit policy, commission cuts and regulation.

Professionals that establish themselves as the local expert are almost always the most successful professionals in their area.  Finance Professionals that put tough market events behind them and focus on the “Right Here, Right Now” are the ones more likely to grow their market share.

Who can compete against the bank’s branch network and the established broker names? You can!

But how can a professional manage this without working an area for decades?

Establish yourself as the local expert by riding the wave of Social Media

Social Media can be confusing for many people, but RP Data makes it easier, faster and smarter thanks to rp.connect, a personal website for property propfessionals that functions as a social networking hub for clients and professionals.

Growing market share means easily reaching many people with a clear message, and rp.connect does just that.  Social media and RP Data can really accelerate the process of establishing a Finance Professional in an area by providing you with the means to instantly network with client communities through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more.

So how does an individual professional get started, and what needs to be done?

Simply CLICK HERE and follow these step-by-step instructions.  The process for Mortgage and Finance Professionals is largely the same as that for Real Estate Agents, and nets the same kind of results by putting you in touch with current and future clients and letting you show them your knowledge of the local market.