marketing direct direct gives you the confidence to market directly to likely home owners or likely renters. Save time + direct mail costs by strategically targeting specific groups of home owners.  Filter, prospect, refine, target and export to Excel in one system!

What is direct? direct is a database that you can confidently use for marketing purposes, provided it is used in accordance with our product terms and conditions. The data is derived from multiple sources and gives you the ability to personalise your message.

Watch a quick 1 minute video on how it works.



Available as an add-on to your RP Data subscription, direct allows you to target your marketing more successfully. Ensure your marketing reaches the right people!

How Does it Help Your Business?

  • Grow your business – by knowing who you can contact, you’ll get greater penetration and win more leads
  • Lead generation – Use credible and reliable data to legitimately use for direct marketing. In today’s market it has been difficult for businesses to send or phone home owners, until now!
  • Flexibility to export contacts straight to Excel, for import into your CRM or to create mail merge or phone canvassing lists
  • Be confident in your marketing by knowing which home owners you can legitimately contact
  • Increase your campaign response rates by improving your knowledge of who, when and why you wish to target specific properties. The target list can be used for personalised direct marketing – this will increase the response rate over depersonalised campaigns.

Tie in with our powerful rp.prospector tool, using additional filters to generate a highly targeted list to market to. Personalised letters or calls to withdrawn listings, potential leads and soon to expire listings using the combination of rp.prospector and direct gives you the best chance to turn prospects into customers.



Want to get started?

To kick start your targeted marketing simply log in to rp.professional, run a property search, then jump over to the ‘Direct Marketing’ tab and follow the prompts to get started. If you have any questions call our friendly team on 1300 895 015 and they will tailor suitable package as part of your subscription add-on.

You can also read more on our Marketing Direct landing page.