There’s big news on the social media channels this morning with Facebook launching their new Page Redesign. Page Admins have until March 10th to preview the changes and swap over manually, before Facebook force it out to all pages.

Screenshot highlighting the changes to the page design and new features
Screenshot highlighting the changes to the page design and new features

Facebook Page Redesign

Page Admins will have received a Facebook email this morning highlighting some of the changes and giving admins the option to preview their page in the new design.

Facebook Email
Facebook Email

What does it mean for you?

If you use a Facebook Profile and don’t administer a Facebook Page, then this won’t affect you. However we do recommend you set up a Facebook Page for your Business.

For Page Administrators, the changes seem to be a positive step forward, with some great new features such as:

  • Email notifications when someone posts or interacts with your page (you can set the type of notifications you want to receive)
  • Pages will now look similar to the new profiles (launched a few months ago), with pictures along the top, and navigation on the left side (instead of the old tabs view)
  • The ability to login as your page, and interact with other pages and profiles on Facebook.
  • new filter for the wall which can show posts Facebook think are most relevant (eg: received lots of likes or comments)

There’s some more in-depth commentary and some other screenshots on Inside Facebook and Mashable.

The screenshot below shows how you can setup your email notifications, as well as who you post comments and posts as. Just click on “Edit Page” and then “Your Settings”.

Customising the Email Notifications
Customising the Email Notifications

What should you do?

I’d recommend checking out your Facebook page over the next few days and take the tour of the new features. You can even preview your own page in real time to get a feel for it. You may or may not want to add or change parts of your page before opting into the new profile right away (eg: uploading photos, setting email notifications etc).

Ultimately you have until March 10 to opt-in to the new page design before it’s rolled out to everyone.

Overall the changes add some great new features for brands and businesses, some of them having been requested for a long time.

How do you feel about the changes? Have you already opted-in to the new design? Post a link to your Facebook Page in the comments below so we can have a look!