A casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that a quiet market means less business for finance brokers. While this may be the case for some, for finance brokers with the right tools, business is good.

Many finance brokers will tell you that once they get to the interview situation, the loan is as good as done. The challenge, they say, is locating the quality clients first and demonstrating that they are the finance broker of choice.

There are plenty of stories about what different marketing techniques brokers have tried, with the key being to identify who is actually seeking finance against those who are not.

RP Data offers a solution for finding new customers that can also makes contacting and engaging with them easy, cheap and effective.

RP Data’s On The Market® report identifies every residential property as soon as it is listed for sale, based on information from Real Estate Agents, the internet and every newspaper in the country.

While you may hear that people who have listed their properties for sale already have finance, for many people the ability to buy a new home is entirely dependent on achieving a good sales price for their existing home.

These clients are often existing home owners upgrading or empty nesters downsizing, and of course conversion rates tend to be higher for second home buyers.

If any of these home owners are currently on your contact list, then now could be the perfect time to get in touch.  If a particular area has a large number of properties on the market, sending your next round of marketing material to that area could net a greater number of successes.

So what’s stopping you finding quality leads right now?

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