Agent HandshakeA smaller number of first home buyers on the market means that a greater percentage of a mortgage or finance broker’s business is likely to come from current home owners looking to refinance or take out a new loan to purchase property.

By helping your current clients, or by finding new clients looking to reinvest their equity, you can maintain your trail and get the most out of every available opportunity in a changing market.

Keep in touch with every client

Keeping in regular contact with your previous clients helps remind them of the value of your services and goes a long way toward making you their first choice of finance professional when they consider refinancing.

Similarly, making it easy for potential new clients to see the value of your services can be invaluable when they start looking for help from a finance professional.

Both of these goals can be achieved with the help of rp.connect, the personal website for property professionals from RP Data.  Letting you manage and maintain several networks of social media from one location, rp.connect can help you keep in regular contact with your previous clients and attract new ones by building and participating in online communities and making it easy to share your testimonials and success stories.

Keep track of changes in your market

Changes in your local property market come as a result of changes in the circumstances of its owners.  By getting an understanding of these changes as they happen, you can offer appropriate financial solutions where required to both your current clients and to new ones.

With RP Data’s Property Monitor able to keep track of an unlimited number of properties across your area, you can know the instant a property goes on the market for sale, is advertised for rent, or is sold.  Offering the right financial solution to a client at the very time they’re looking to upgrade, downgrade or make a new investment, can greatly improve your chances of retaining their business or making them your newest client.

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