Automatic Valuation Report
Automatic Valuation Report

Accurate property valuations are essential to the successful and hassle-free completion of the mortgage application process.  An application that doesn’t match with the valuation by a lender is more likely to run into problems along the way.

Mortgage and finance brokers can save time and effort by ensuring that the property value is in line with their clients’ expectations before submitting their next mortgage applications, reducing their chances of being rejected by the bank.

RP Data offers a variety of valuation solutions to finance brokers, ranging from AVM reports (as part of your RP Data subscription) to full property valuations that involve a registered valuer visiting the property.

A valuation estimate from RP Data can give you and your client a close indication of what a property is worth, and as they are also commonly used by many major lenders, you should be able to submit the application with confidence that it will closely measure up.

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