The Signature Reports platform is a new innovation by CoreLogic available to you at no extra cost, as part of your RP Data Professional subscription. This platform is a powerful tool that provides a user-friendly and flexible way to produce reports for appraisals and prospecting, saving you time without sacrificing quality.

The first Signature Report available is the new Comparable Sales Report. This Report is a concise snapshot of comparable property sales, designed to save you time when you need a report for appraisals, prospects or tyre-kickers.

To see what the final report looks like, download a sample report here.



4 ways the Comparable Sales Report helps grow your business

  1. Save time and effort – Create this report within RP Data Professional to use for appraisals and prospecting with vendors who aren’t ready to sell just yet, and save your valuable time for creating full CMA’s for your hot leads.
  2. Keep your database informed – The Comparable Sales Report is perfect to send to your CRM database on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. Quick to produce, this report gives your prospects and clients the right amount of information about their local area.
  3. Engage with your customers Produce a beautiful, branded report to help customers and prospects understand the value of their property or a property they intend to purchase.
  4. Auction guides – Produce a Signature report to give to buyers of properties for auction so they can make their own assessment of suitable bids based on comparable sales.

Comparable Sales Report

Comparable Sales Report

Key Features

The Signature Reports platform is a powerful tool that provides a user-friendly and flexible way to produce reports for appraisals and prospecting.  Our data covers 98% of the market, goes back more than 39 years and is constantly refreshed to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable property information. Features of the Comparable Sales Report include:

  • Concise snapshot – This report is built for a specific purpose, to only provide the information you need. It includes a Cover Page, Target Property section and the Comparable Sales section, to convey simple and straight-forward messaging to your vendors and prospects.
  • Easy filtering – With sensible defaults based on your target property, adding the comparable properties you’re interested in is easier than ever.
  • Relevant data – Based on agent feedback, this report provides the data fields you want to be able to quickly and easily select comparable properties for your report.
  • List view or detail view – Browse comparable properties in a list or expand into the detailed view to see information including property images, listing description, floor size, year built, distance, and first and last listed price. Properties are also linked to view their full property detail page in RP Data Professional.
  • Beautiful, branded report – We’ve worked with product designers to build you a beautiful looking, easy to digest report. Your report will include your agency logo on every page, as well as your photo and contact details on the cover page. Additional branding options will also be available in the future, such as customisable cover page elements.
  • Instant preview and download – Preview the report instantly in your browser then download the PDF for sharing or printing. Future capabilities will include the ability to share your report via a link so you won’t have to attach the PDF directly.

Download a walkthrough PDF of how to generate the Comparable Sales Report. A tutorial video is coming soon too.

Signature Screenshot

Signature Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to create a Comparable Sales Report?

An icon to launch the Signature Reports platform (and the Comparable Sales Report) is available from every property detail page. Simply search for the target property you’re interested in and click the Comparable Sales Report icon in the Property Tasks section.

Can I customise the report?

This is a feature that we will be offering in the future. We would love your feedback on what you would like to customise, add or change in the report. Email your feedback here or get in touch via our Ideas Forum.

Can I add additional sections to the report?

Not at this stage, but this is a feature that will be coming soon. Planned features for the Signature Reports platform include new sections and the ability to create your own custom templates and reports. Help us prioritise what we build next by emailing your feedback here or voting for your favourite ideas in our Ideas Forum.


“This is great, I’ll be able to use this to send quarterly reports to cold leads in my CRM database”
Jessica Taylor, South Coast Lifestyle Property, NSW


“I’ll be able to use this for the quick appraisals for vendors who have no intention of selling yet.”
John Barnett, Ray White, Bundamba, QLD