RP Data has recently teamed up with ReportSafe to launch rp.property services – a pre listings report service through rp.professional.

Too many sales are lost and frustration caused by selling properties when you, and sometimes even your vendor, are not privy to all the facts. You can often be placed in difficult positions risking your time, reputation and financial return on a property that may have serious issues, and yet you’re still expected to deliver great results. Be proactive and encourage your vendor to get the facts before the sale process begins.

“rp.property services puts you and your vendor in complete control.”

Use rp.property services to..

  • Instantly search and purchase existing property inspection reports
  • Search for and order currently scheduled property inspection reports
  • Immediately choose and safely order from a specifically compiled list of qualified inspectors for your property and order your property reports based upon price, availability and the inspector’s qualifications.

rp.property services offers solutions for property professionals..

With this new site you can immediately receive or order reports from the best suppliers in the industry. All inspectors are trained and hold valid professional indemnity insurance. The provision of these professional reports benefits all parties thereby making the sale a much smoother process.

The service covers most Australian households and in one easy to use site you can order all the reports you need to facilitate the sale of the property you have listed. Fast track your deals by providing full transparency to your buyers by an independent supplier.

  • All inspectors qualified and insured
  • Thousands of instant reports available
  • Guaranteed the best price and service
  • Independent reports powered by ReportSafe and brought to you by RP Data

Try rp.property services today! Search and download the reports that you and your vendor need tosell properties faster in today’s challenging market.