A point release update for our rp.mobile pro professionals iPhone app went live in the App Store over the weekend. We encourage all rp.mobile pro users to download and install the latest v1.2 update.

What’s In The v1.2 Update?

  • This version release fixes an App Crash bug which occurred when a suburb had missing data in the Suburb Information section. When loading a property from a Pin or List View and clicking “More Info” the App would crash. The code fix now prevents this from occuring.
  • Users would most likely have experienced the bug in newer suburbs where historical medians are not always available.

How to Update Your iPhone.
To update to the latest rp.mobile version, just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Click the ‘App Store’ link on your phone’s home screen.
  2. Click the ‘Updates’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of ‘App Store’
  3. Click the blue ‘Free’ button next to the rp.mobile pro description
  4. Click the green ‘Install’ button next to the rp.mobile pro description
  5. The app will now begin installing on your phone {takes about 1 minute}.
iPhone Home Screen Select 'Updates' then 'Free' button Select 'Install' button

What’s Next For rp.mobile pro?
We’ve had excellent feedback so far.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed their ideas.

Just to give you a quick heads up on what’s coming next… We’re planning to add lots of new features and have built a roadmap for the next 5 releases.  Next thing we’ll be adding is a “Property Search” so users can quicky find a specific property address. In addition we’ll be adding stacks more descriptive detail about the actual property itself  to the Property Details Page.