On May 1st, new legislation in Victoria requires agents to produce a Statement of Information with every new listing. CoreLogic is helping ensure you remain compliant by enabling you to create a Statement of Information (SOI) report using our Signature Reports tool.

A few clicks to choose the type of report, enter the indicative selling price and choose your comparable sales, and a one-page PDF is generated for you – complete with your agency logo, the median sale price for the suburb, and the relevant disclaimers. All you need to do then is download the PDF for emailing or printing.

Interested to see what the final report looks like? Download a sample report here.

Steps to Creating a Statement of Information Report

Step 1: Search for the property in RP Data Professional

Search for the Property for Sale in RP Data Professional


Step 2: Launch the Comparable Sales Report to open the Signature Reports tool

Select Comparable Sales Report from Property Tasks


You might need to enable pop-ups, if Signature Reports doesn’t open.

Step 3: Choose Statement of Information (only available for Victorian properties)

Choose Statement of Information Report


Step 4: Enter the Indicative Selling Price

Enter a Single Price or Price Range


Step 5: Choose your Comparable Sales

Use filters to get a list of most comparable properties

Use the filters to refine and find the relevant comparable sales, and choose up to 3 sales for your Statement of Information report.

Select up to 3 of the most comparable properties

Step 6: Generate the Report

Last step, click on Finalise or Next Step to generate the report, then click Download to download the PDF.

Download the Statement of Information Report in PDF

Our first priority was getting the SOI tool live by May 1st so you can generate reports. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be adding more tweaks to the Signature Reports tool, including better styling, validation of price fields, ensuring you only can choose the comparables that are within the correct range (2km & 6 months for Metro and 5km & 18 months outside of Metro) etc.

Don’t forget you can also use the Signature Reports tool to create Comparable Sales Reports, a quick and easy way to create a concise report for appraisals and prospects.

If you have any suggestions for the Statement of Information, or the Comparable Sales Report, use the ‘idea’ icon within the tool to suggest new ideas, or vote on ideas previously submitted.