It’s the old 80/20 story. You’ve done 80% of the working hard to get your vendor a great offer on their property. Now to the final 20% of the job: inspection reports.

To secure the deal you can order a full range of inspection reports from services. This will help you close your listings faster with access to a range of Inspection Reports. It will help you eliminate risk, reduce the number of deals that might fall over and be proactive with your vendor and buyers.

rpdata solutions blog rp property services is a complete Property Services site, where you can immediately receive or order reports from the best suppliers in the industry. All the reports you need to facilitate the sale of the property you have listed are available. This can help you fast track deals, by providing full transparency to buyers by an independent supplier.

  • All inspectors are fully qualified and insured
  • Thousands of instant reports available
  • Guaranteed the best price and service
  • Independent reports powered by ReportSafe and brought to you by RP Data

The types of reports available with services:

  • Building Inspection Reports
  • Pest Inspection Reports
  • Pool Inspection Reports
  • Strata Inspection Reports

With services you can:

  • Instantly search and purchase existing property inspection reports;
  • Search for and order currently scheduled property inspection reports; and
  • Immediately order a new property inspection report from a compiled list of qualified inspectors for your property.

To find out more visit the Property Services page or call 1300 734 318.