A recent article in Sold.Digital listed the various reasons for keeping your social media in-house, rather than outsourcing it. While social media might seem like another tedious job to get the hang of, on top of a mountain of other work, it is a trend that is here to stay and rpdata is here to make it more streamlined and efficient for you.

The article highlighted the pitfalls of outsourcing social media updates, external parties don’t know your brand as well as you do and there is high chance of mistakes happening, including posting the wrong information to the wrong site. The article identified the crux of the issue which is that social media is all about building relationships and networking.

“Your social media is your personality and the personality of the business. If you are not portraying your personality on your page – you are not representing who you are and what your company is about.”

When it comes to property research, consumers continue to spend more time on the internet (particularly using mobile devices) than anywhere else. Having a social media presence maintained in your office assists in improving your profile and search engine rankings.

This is where your rp.connect site can help.

rp.connect is a personal website that you can use to provide information about you and what’s happening in your area. It can be used as a blogging platform and a forum to discuss interesting facts about your local area and the property market. It adds personality to your profile by showing clients who you are, what your track record is and what your other clients think of you.

Creating an rp.connect page positions you as a local expert on myrpdata.com.au, letting users find you when searching for property information in the area. Linking your Facebook page to your rp.connect site lets you update and manage both sites from the one location.

Using rp.connect will also increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), meaning that when someone searches online for your name, or for the key suburb words you’ve been blogging with, this will bring your rp.connect site and Facebook into their search results.

To learn more about how to set up your rp.connect site, call us on 1300 734 318 or visit rpdata.com/training to book an Advanced Training session.


Content Source: Sold.Digital, sold-digital.com.au