Maintain that human contact with RP Data reportsIn a recent interview with Australian Broker Online, Mark Woolnough of ING Direct comments that non-majors are always going to tussle with ensuring their relevance but ING’s focus remains on both brokers and customers coming to see them as a potential primary lending institution.

One of the ways that Mr Woolnough considers this possible is through building personal relationships, enhanced by technology, not replaced by it.

Mr Woolnough mentions that technology provides the ability to speed up processes, which is a positive, but it will never replace the human touch. “Certainly there are benefits of technology and how it makes thing quicker.” Mr Woolnough comments.

“Customer and broker expectations are rising when it comes to technology.”  He adds, pointing out that the increase in the relationship between the customer and the broker as well as the broker and the lending institution is still very much driven at a personal relationship level.

“Banks need to maintain the pace at which customer expectations and broker expectations will move forward in terms of how they want delivery and efficiencies driven through technology.” Mr Woolnough concludes.

After all, relationships are always driven by the personal touch. Harnessing the power of the technology you have access to and using it to add value to your clients. Take advantage of both by generating a personalised CMA report and AVM report to your clients and hand it to them face-to-face. Alternatively, an email followed by a phone call is the next best thing. Providing these reports takes minutes for you but means a whole lot more for a prospective borrower.

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Source: Australian Broker Online

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