I’m very pleased to advise that version 2 of rp.mobile pro is now available for download in the app store. If you haven’t done so already, please download and install it on your iphone or ipad.

We are particularly proud of our latest version as it is 100% “your release”.  By that I mean that this release was created purely from customer feedback.  So in other words this is our “You asked for it” rp.mobile pro version 2 release. ?

I just want to be able to find a property quickly”

Introducing “Property Search”. Type an address and you’ll be taken straight to the property record.

New Property Search button

“Can you make search more like rp.professional?”.

Thanks, we like RP Professional too.  We have now taken the predictive search behaviours which we think make rp.professional great and have added them into rp.mobile pro. The Property Search, Map Search and Advanced Searches all now use predictive text.  In other words, for every letter you type, you are guided to RP Data’s property record.  It is now WAY easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Predictive Text Guiding You To Results

“As a Valuer I need the value of the land and data like lot & plan numbers so that I can assess a property”.

We’ve now added these fields to the Property Details screen near the top of the page. The new property details screen includes:


  • Last Sold Date, Last Sold Price
  • Last Listed Date, Last Listed Price
  • UCV Value, UCV Date

Lot & Plan, Local Government Area (LA)


Real Property Descriptors
Real Property Descriptors

“Can you please display owners name like in the full RP Data?”

RP Data maintain ownership information in QLD, NSW, VIC.  These are now displayed in the “Ownership” section of the Property Details Page.  (It will be displayed to you subject to licensing and deeds)


Ownership (deliberately blurred)

“As a Valuer it’s important that I see the previous owner’s names”.

There’s now a new “Previous Ownership” section on the Property detail page.  Same caveat as ownership applies. (RP Data maintains ownership information in QLD, NSW, and Vic.  Where we have it, we’ll display it to you subject to licensing and deeds).

Previous Owners' Name/s
Previous Ownership (deliberately blurred)

“I want to know what the previous sales and listings looked like before me”.

Sales History and Listing History are now included. (We stopped at 3 of each to minimise page length and scrolling).


Previous Sales and Listings
Previous Sales and Listings

“I want to see the other photos like rp.professional”.

We’ve now added a “Gallery View” for displaying additional property photos. If more images are available, the property frontage photo will show an arrow icon.  Select the icon and the screen will use the iPhone’s standard image carousel to display extra images of the property. 


Click Through To Photo Gallery

“Some Help Tutorials would be good!”

We’ve added in new Quick Start Guides to help new users to quickly familiarise themselves with the applications features


Quick Guides - Located Off Help Menu
Quick Guides - Located Off Help Menu

“I can’t find any properties. What’s going on RP?”

Our analysis showed that some customers have been searching while having filters enabled in the Advanced Search section. So now we’ve added warnings throughout the results pages. Whether you are in a list view or a map view, if filters are active (restricting your results), you’ll now see a warning at the top of the page.


Warnings when results are filtered
Warnings when results are being filtered


Other Great Additions in This Release:

*New* –  Home Screen layout

We’ve re-designed the home screen to make way for some additional features added in this release while allowing more room for future feature releases  



New Home Screen layout

*New* – Re-Introducing “Camera View”

In the previous version we named this feature “Reality View” because it uses the iPhone’s native “Reality View” which lets you overlay information on the screen.  Several customers thought we misspelled it and the feature should have been called “Realty” view.  This is an understandable assumption given our subject matter for reality search is actually real estate. So, just to clear up any confusion, we’ve renamed this feature “Camera View”. ?


  • Select the “Camera View”. Button from the home screen
  • Point phone (camera) at property (appears in the view screen).
  • Property Sales and listings bubbles appear after a few seconds.
Camera View (deliberately blurred)


*New* – Better Help and Quick Guides.

The help icon now contains more contextual help, describing “how” to complete tasks. Secondly, we’ve added a “Quick Tour / Intro Guide” link at the bottom of the page which will take you to the first of 6 quick guides.  Scroll down each guide to gain an understanding of the feature.Then just flick the screen from right to left (like you are turning a page) or click the “Next” button in the top right hand corner of the page to view the next guide.  



Quick Guides - Located Off Help Menu
Quick Guides - Located Off Help Menu

*New* – Anonymous Feedback now supported.

Well, you might have guessed by now that our development of this application is certainly guided by you, our customers.  We want to encourage you to give us honest feedback (good or bad). So we’ve introduced a “Send Anonymous” feedback option. That way if you don’t feel comfortable giving feedback and us knowing who you are, then you can now send it anonymously. Of course, if you DO want us to help you, please DO NOT use send anonymously. That way we’ll see your login name and we will be able to contact and assist you further with your issue.  



Feedback can now be sent anonymously

*New* – Tell us it’s listed or sold – straight from your iPhone.

We think this is a great little feature. When you are viewing a property details page, we’ve added two new buttons (below the photo) called “New Property Sale” and “New Property Listing”.  When you click either of these buttons you’ll be able to tell us very quickly whether you or someone else sold or listed a property, when and for how much.  It’s a very simple way for Agents and Valuers to let us know about recent sales and listings in your local area.


Recent sales & listings input screens

We are proud of the latest release of rp.mobile pro version 2.  We’re big believers is creating applications that customers want to use. 

For us, we went down the path of creating a mobile app because for us, it’s about anytime, anywhere access to property information and empowering property professionals like you with the information you need to make real decisions in the field. We hope you like this release as much as we do.

Lee ?